New McLaren 620r revealed as a limited, road-legal class GT4 racer

New McLaren Models Road-Ready Version of the 570S GT4 From With More Power, Less Weight and Race-Spec Aero

McLaren has announced race specs, but a road-ready variant for its sporty line-up series, called the 620p, will go into limited production early next year.

Described as a “road-legal version of a race car,” the 620p shares much of its chassis and aerodynamic equipment with the 570S GT4 from the rider. McLaren claims it "retains the DNA of a fully homologated track car, but is free from the restriction that race rules apply."

The latter circumstance has allowed the Woking brand to make the 620p the fastest model in the sports series yet. While the GT4 car sees power cuts from 562bhp from the 570S to around 420bhp, the 620p does, as its name suggests, 620PS, or 612bhp. Torque is rated at 457lb ft.

Combined with the curb weight is down about 30kg for the 570S, which allows a 0 to 62 mph time in 2.9 seconds, a 0 to 124 mph time in 8.1 seconds, and a top speed of 200 mph.

Of course, the racing pedigree goes beyond raw at a linear pace. The 620p gets the GT4's two-manual ride height adjustment system, which includes 32 clicks of rebound and compression ratio adjustment. The shock absorbers themselves are 6kg lighter than standard blocks. Combined with stiffer springs and anti-roll bars and a durable stainless steel upper with mounts for, McLaren claims, vastly improved control and feedback.

The 620p was engineered to run on slicks without any adjustment, which means owners can go to their favorite chain and change road tires with minimal effort. It comes from the factory with a Pirelli Trofeo R semi-slick, with an optional full slick set specially designed for McLaren. Braking is done by a ceramic carbon setting.

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The Aero is a significant part of the $620 appeal over standard Sport Series models. It gets the same adjustable carbon fiber fender as the GT4 class (third stoplight to make it road-legal), which can be set to greater angles of attack, allowing up to 185kg of downforce. The new car also features a redesigned front bumper, splitter and hood that all improve air circulation, along with dive jets on the front fenders.

The laconic rear cockpit sees items such as carpet, glove box, air conditioning, navigation and an audio system stoned to help keep the weight down, but everything can be installed at no extra cost. The touch screen is retained and features a track telemetry system (optional three-camera settings), while lightweight carbon fiber sports seats make six-point harnesses standard. Door straps, along with carbon fiber shift paddles, spoked steering wheel and center console, enhance the racing-spec feel.

Three body color schemes are offered - orange with white racing stripes, white or black, the last two with orange stripes. A range of racing decals are optional, along with customizable detail colors and finish options and a full range of MCO personalization. The car pictured has a livery inspired by the Senna GTR.

A total of 350 examples will be produced for customers, with each car getting a number on a plate on the dashboard. Priced from £250,000 including taxes, European and North American buyers receive a day's training on the race track included. Deliveries began in February.

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