Updated Jaguar i-PACE Gets Range and Battery Capacity Increase

EV's flagship gets plenty of free updates learned from the tech race

Jaguar has updated its electric i-PACE, introducing a free software update that promises to improve battery efficiency and increase range to 12 miles from a full charge.

The updates, which are the result of knowledge gained from the i-tempo eTrophy racing series, also include changes to the all-wheel drive system, changing the distribution of torque between the front and rear engines to improve efficiency in Eco mode. There are tweaks to the thermal management system, too, in which the active radiator vanes are most often closed off to improve aerodynamics.

Along with the improvements gleaned from the eTrophy series, Jaguar also analyzed 500 million miles of real-world travel data. Changes made after interpreting these results include improved regenerative braking and more accurate range calculations to better reflect individual driving style.

While Jaguar claims an increase to 12 miles of range in the update, this does not change WLTP's official certified range of 292 miles. Jaguar said that "margins developed through eTrophy's analysis will give customers access to up to eight percent improvement based on usage - equating to an extra 12 miles of real-world spectrum."

When asked why the WLTP figure hasn't improved, an Autocar spokesperson said: “The focus of this campaign is to improve the real world range for our customers. The additional resources that would be required solely for revalidation are much better invested in ongoing product events – for the race and the road.”

Jaguar is inviting me-tempo owners to take their vehicles to retailers to receive a free upgrade that will also expand wireless functionality. The firm said that more electronic modules will be able to receive remote updates, but added that it was "unable to specify which additional modules, at this time."

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Stephen Boulter, i-PACE Vehicle Technical Director, commented: “Jaguar i-PACE eTrophy has generated a wealth of data to analyze and those marginal benefits from competition on the track are now being applied to customer vehicles to enhance their driving experience.

“New software updates to optimize transmission control systems to improve efficiency and let me pace drivers go even further on a single charge without any hardware changes – it really is a case of a vehicle getting better with age.”


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