30-minute morning workout for maximum fitness

thirty minutes in the morning at about the usual time a person can be comfortably set aside almost every day to dedicate himself to something better. What can we realistically do in such a short amount of time? Is it good to start working in the morning and how do I get started? These are all the usual questions I hear when people ask me this question. My simple answer is always yes. Any movement is better than no movement at all. Since this is the most minimal time, it will be better than doing it much more often, about 5-6 times a week.

Best Morning Workout

The best workout no matter the time of day will be the one you can end up sticking to over and over again. If you're starting out, this might mean just walking for 15 minutes until you're sure you can keep up this routine, then add something more challenging. Making it the number one habit. Remember, any movement is good movement. Here is a short routine aimed at hitting the major muscle groups in the least amount of time.


Each workout requires a good warm-up that will increase your heart rate, body temperature and help all your muscles, tendons and ligaments get ready for movement. This can take many forms for different levels of fitness, ranging from brisk walking, jogging or light. Ideally, we wanted to do this within 5 minutes, in order to save time, we will reduce it to about 2,5 minutes.

Dynamic Warm-Ups / DCT Movement

Another very important part of the workout. Helps “unlock” that range of motion in the joint to help tolerate movement under load. This is a very important part of a workout as it can help prevent injury during your workout. Here is a list of dynamic stretching with videos and tutorials. Routine example:

  • Caterpillars 1x10
  • Quadrupedal thoracic extension 1x10/each side
  • Trunk twists 1x10
  • Hand circles 1x10 / forward and backward
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Muscle & Activation

Another extra warm up is releasing and revitalizing your muscles. You can choose from tools such as lacrosse ball and foam roller. Here is a list of muscle and energizing exercises. This can be done in 1 set of 15 - 45 seconds each. Routine example:

  • Chest (1 set 15 - 45 seconds each)
  • Back (1 to -15 - 45 seconds each.

This workout should be taken 15-30 minutes before.

Goblet Dumbbell Chest Press Squat (back to back)

2-3 sets of 12 reps (per exercise), 30 seconds rest.

Romanian deadlift on a row of dumbbells (back to back)

2-3 sets of 12 reps (per exercise), 30 seconds rest.


2 sets 1 minute, 30 seconds rest. Choose any option you want!


Post-workout stretching is so important and overlooked many times. After your workout, you're tired and just want to get out of the gym and just go home and go to bed. We've all been there. But, taking those few extra minutes to stretch and relax can be very beneficial. It can help improve our flexibility as long as we are consistent with it, helping to reduce that post-workout tension, tight legs, tight back that can be quite nagging the day after or two days after the workout. Stretching can also be very therapeutic when it comes to mental clarity and help us feel a lot better. Stretching exercises (15 seconds each side)

  • standing quad
  • Toe Reach
  • Pose of the child
  • Cobra

Bonus: How to start working in the morning

Sometimes morning workouts don't feel right. This is perfectly normal if you are not used to waking up early in the morning. Traffic is good at any time of the day, especially if you only have time in the morning. Keeping the same old dream and waiting to feel different is not the answer. When you wake up in the morning, you want to feel ready to go and energized, not sleep deprived, and hit Snooze. Sleeping an hour early is very important. Ideally around 7-8 hours of continuous sleep, this does not include the time it takes to fall asleep. About 2 hours before bed, turning off all lights, TVs and mobile phones can just help you fall asleep faster. If you want to be healthier and energized, just make as little time as 30 minutes a day for your workout!

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