This is the cheapest 1TB microSD now

Amazon has reduced the price of 1TB SanDisk microSDXC Extreme UHS-i Memory Card from $450 to $250 in an internet storage case; this is a savings of about 44%.

Announced earlier this year, this is currently the only way to get a 1TB memory card in a smartphone and compares favorably with the $246 release of the professional 633X 1TB version also on the market.

You can't use SDXC memory cards in your smartphone, but you can in your camera (usually) and in your laptop.

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The card (officially known as SDSQXA1-1T00-GN6MA) comes with a lifetime warranty (USA) and 30 year covers everywhere. SanDisk says it can withstand extreme temperatures and has built-in write protection to protect your content, but there's no news if it's waterproof, shockproof, and X-ray proof.

With read speeds up to 160MBps and write speeds up to 90mbps, the SanDisk 1TB microSD card is compliant with the new V30 speed class and should record 4K video without a hitch.

The Sandisk 1TB card still carries a premium (albeit not much) for lower capacities. For example, the 128GB version sells for just $24, 79% of its price per GB, resulting in a low markup of 20%. And because it's so small, Amazon will also ship it to several other territories, including the UK, for an additional fee.

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There are a few other big players currently selling 512GB microSD cards, including Samsung, Kingston, PNY and Integral - but no one has confirmed when they'll be offering 1TB versions.

Right now, Micron and SanDisk are the only other manufacturers already announced a 1TB microSD memory card. We have reviewed 1TB micron microSD card , but it still seems to be out of action when it comes to general accessibility.

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