Ofcom plans ban on locked smartphones, will force networks to facilitate switching

Ofcom talked about plans to make switching mobile phone providers easier. He wants to place a complete ban on the network by blocking phones and then requiring a complicated or even costly process to unlock them again.

The UK communications regulator claims that "nearly half" of customers find it hard to find their phones unlocked when wanting to move providers. It is often necessary to wait for long delays before receiving a code in order to unlock his or her devices.

Some networks even charge up to $10 for the service.

  • Now you can switch mobile network with single text. Here is how

Ofcom claims that the networks that still sell locked cell phones include ee/bt, vodafone and tesco mobile. We ourselves have had difficulty getting phones purchased from a car phone warehouse, then unlocked.

Ofcom named three, O2, Sky Mobile and Virgin Mobile as currently selling unlimited unlocked smartphones.

Currently, a new court decision is under consideration and there is no indication when they can be enforced. We have established contact with many UK networks, especially those affected, for reporting purposes and will update with any comments we receive.

Ofcom is also proposing new rules for broadband providers to make it easier for customers to switch, plus the ability for British Sign Language to make 999 video calls to interpreters placed at emergency call centres.

  • Broadband service providers must specify peak times and minimum speeds under Ofcom's new rules
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