New pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds hits FCC likely soon

There has been talk in recent weeks about an incoming set of new Samsung Galaxy Buds. Looks like they are now hitting the FCC.

Federal Communications Commission documents seen droid life offers a new version of Samsung wireless headphones may debut soon, bringing better battery life, another indication that Samsung wants to offer its AirPods Pro alternatives. For example, in the diagram, we see that each bud can have a potential of “300mA”, while a case can have a potential of “600mA.”

In other words, it would triple the battery life for each bud when compared to existing Samsung Galaxy Buds. But these are only minor battery life upgrades from the old case. All that said, some reports point out that the original Galaxy Buds had far better battery ratings in their FCC filings.

Keep in mind the ever-reliable Evan Blass (@evleaks) recently announced a pair of Galaxy Buds+ as AirPods pro competitors in the yet-to-be. These are thought to be next to Samsung's true wireless earbuds. The only bit of information that we do know, however, is that Samsung is actively canceling noise-free headphones, and that they are likely to cost more than the first Galaxy Buds.

It's worth noting that Apple just added the ANC to its AirPods, with the recently launched AirPods Pro. Perhaps Samsung is gearing up to fight a fresh pair of Galaxy Buds. They might launch along with new smartphones such as the Galaxy S11, but that's not expected until February.

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