Yoshida praises the ease of development on PS5

When it comes to the PS5, Sony may not be ready to show what the next console looks like or reveal its value, but the company isn't staying in complete silence.

In a recent interview for Japanese magazine Non Dengeki PlayStation On (via Siliconera), Sony's interactive entertainment head of the independent developer initiative, Shuhei Yoshida, was ready to discuss the upcoming console and what it means for developers.

According to Yoshida, PS5 developers were praised for being easy to develop. According to the translated interview, the developers stated that creating software on the PS5 is “as easy as shelling pears”.

For developers

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This marks a departure from the PS3 Architecture Days, which was incredibly difficult when it came to development. In an interview, Yoshida himself claims that the PS3 era was a “tough deadline” for the company and that it “really made the difficulties in developing the game stand out”. While the PS4 offers a marked improvement, it was undoubtedly good news for developers that the PS5 is committed to offering a better experience again.

And making the console even more accessible for developers to work with when it comes to creating their games doesn't mean we can expect studios to roll out a new book every week, it means they can spend more time developing their games and less time. at work around obstacles created by equipment.

Sony's next generation PS5 is slated to launch in late 2020 and while we don't know what the console will look like, the recently announced launch title Godfall gave us an idea of ​​what it could do. We expect that as we roll into the console launch year we begin to see and hear more.

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