This Instax mini 9 and internet cinema is a great combination in January sale

If you're looking for a way to document the fun you'll be having in January (to offset the coming blues), then Instant Camera is a fun way to do just that.

Fujifilm's Instax mini 9 dropped to the best price on boxing day and stayed there in the January sale - and you'll be able to save on the price of the mini film package too - along with a cost of just £84.98 on Amazon. Not in the UK? Check the prices on Instax mini 9 where you are top to bottom.

The Instax mini 9 tops our list of the best instant cameras, with praise showered on its simple controls, making it suitable for beginner photographers of all ages. You also have a good selection of colors to choose from with this classic camera.

The mini Instax 9 has a mirror on the front so it can take selfies, and it comes with a 10-shot mini movie pack so you don't have to spend extra to get started and take photos. The camera is the same price as it was during Black Friday 2019, which marked its lowest drop price on Amazon to date.

Additional mini movie package, too, at its best price. What you can do is 50 extra shots, which gives the budding photographer in your life a lot of flexibility.

There is a macro lens if you need to zoom in to take pictures, too. It's not the most fancy instant camera, of course, but that's not the point. If you want to start a new hobby in 2020 without dropping too much money, consider picking up the Instax mini 9 at this boost-level price point.

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