South Korea will use AI cameras to detect crime

The cameras are equipped with AI software used to determine the likelihood of a crime will soon be installed in the South Korean capital of Seoul.

The Seocho County and Seoul Electronics Telecommunications Research Institute (ERTI) revealed they plan to install 3000 cameras around July.

The cameras will use AI software to process localization, time and behavior patterns of citizens in an effort to measure the likelihood of crime occurring.

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The program itself is quite complex and it will be able to detect bystanders wearing helmets, masks or goggles, as well as what they are carrying with them, such as bags or dangerous items that can be used by them to commit a crime.

Detection of crimes

The cameras will use the information they collect to help determine the likelihood that a crime will occur. If their analysis exceeds a certain level, the cameras will alert the district office and nearby police stations, who will send law enforcement officers to the scene.

Socho and ETRI also plan to analyze 20,000 court-sentencing documents as well as crime cadres to train AI software on crime dynamics. Cameras will even be able to compare what is currently filming matches of past crime models.

The AI ​​software is still in development, but a version is expected to be completed by 2020, according to the National Research Institute. In the future, additional cameras will be installed in other areas in Seoul as well as other provinces in South Korea.

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