Shure 215 Aonic is the company's first true wireless headphone pair

Shure has introduced a new line of headphones and headphones called Aonic. One of the new products in this range, the Aonic 215, is the company's first pair of true wireless headphones and promises to be pretty good.

There's not a ton of detail in the information provided so far - mostly because its plans are fully revealed later this year - but it does show its strength and keep its ethos offering professional sound quality.

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One key detail, as with any true wireless pair of headphones, is battery life. In this case, it sounds pretty impressive.

Shura says we can expect up to eight hours of playtime before needing to charge the earbuds and again, while for charging, the case (or "cradle") will offer three more full charges, bringing that to a total of 32 hours of playtime before needing. connecting the device to a power outlet.

The Aonic 215 wireless sound isolating headphones are of the same design it uses for its professional in-ear headphones used by on-stage musicians.

Looking at the one image we have (at the top of this article) it looks like the headphones themselves have detachable temples.

Assuming this MMCX connector is often used in high-end headphones (which it looks like), you'll probably be able to plug these headphones into a cable and use them in a wired fashion as well.

That last part is just a guess based on the image, but it certainly seems like it should be possible.

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All the technology that makes these headphones wireless is the build in those ear hooks. Components such as the battery, Bluetooth antennae and other necessary chips and novelties fit in there, leaving the actual headphones as sound drivers for your ears.

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Other than that, Shura didn't say anything other than that you'll be able to adjust the Aonic's noise-cancelling range and that you can even adjust how much environmental noise you'd like to hear.

Shura says you can use them at the gym, makes them a good-side, great-sounding, versatile pair of headphones that's just as handy for home listening as you are on your travels.

The Aonic 215 will get a full reveal later this year, at which point we'll learn more about the specs and technology, and how much they'll cost.

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