Nissan parts new high-performance four-wheel-drive EV transmission

2020 Nissan Leaf e-4orce demo vehicle e-4orce system delivers sports car performance and predictable handling; Willpower SUV Aria

Nissan has an all new twin-engine, all-wheel drive transmissions for electric vehicles (EVS) that it claims provides "balanced, predictable power and handling on par with many premium sports cars."

Called the e-4orce, the system was showcased with a modified version of the Leaf hatchback at CES in the US and will provide power for the production version of last year's Aria concept SUV, which will be launched in the next two years.

Nissan says the e-4orce powertrain incorporates elements of the torque-split technology in the GT-R supercar and the four-wheel-drive system from the Patrol SUV. It was designed “specially for driving an electric vehicle, the output power and braking performance must be smooth and stable.”

An electric motor is installed on both axles, with each application of regenerative braking to reduce shaking in stop-and-go traffic. The system is also said to improve comfort on uneven ground by minimizing uneven movement.

Takao Asami, Nissan senior vice president of research and advanced development, said the e4orce "gives drivers more confidence and even more excitement than ever before."

“This technology provides excellent cornering performance and traction on slippery surfaces and a comfortable ride for all passengers,” he added.

Exact technical and performance data remain unconfirmed, but the e4orce is expected to offer more power and faster acceleration than the 214bhp Leaf E+, the most powerful EV Nissan currently produces.

Nissan hasn't confirmed that the powertrain will be available in any model other than the Ariya, but product planning boss Ivan Espinosa confirmed to the car recently that electrification options are discussed for successors on 370Z and GT-R.


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