Sim just arrived from Smarty this weekend - from £10 per month

A few years ago, neither the words 'Only' or 'Smarty android' were very famous faces. But come 2020, combining the two means only one thing…cheap mobile phone bills.

If you've come to the end of your phone contract or have a shiny new device for Christmas (lucky!), then grabbing yourself a cheap internet-only sim is the way to squeeze the most calls, SMS, and mobile data into your monthly contract. And right now, Egghead has really got the market licked.

Choose your 30GB data for $10/month or 50GB data for $15/month plans - one look at our Simo price comparison at the bottom of this page and you'll see that none can match those prices.

Heaps on that Smarty gives you the flexibility of 1-month rolling contracts rather than other networks' common 12 or 18 month contracts, and it's hard to pick that deal (and God knows we're trying).

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Cheap Smart SIM only offers:

Why go for Smarti Android?

It's a brand you've probably never heard of, and it's also a name given to large chain stores by serious competitors - let me tell you why.

With a great mix of inexpensive SIM-only deals and big data deals, Smarty covers most of the market's needs. And, with its 1-month rolling contracts, you can stay for as long as you like, making it the perfect choice.

One last benefit? Smarty lets you connect devices to your phone which means 50GB of data on whatever laptop, tablet or even console you got for Christmas.

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What other only sim is doing there?

50GB is still not enough data for you or just love the comfort that an unlimited plan provides? Then three is the unlimited plan for $18 per month, still looking like the obvious place to go. And if it's the fastest 4G speeds you require, then you'll be spurred on to hear that its just improved on its best Simo offerings and now gives you 60GB of monthly data for £20.

And, if you're really on a budget, you can go even cheaper with England's Cheap Simo from id. Which will bring your bills down to just £5 per month.

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