How to watch Winter Love on an Island online: stream for free from the UK or abroad

Guys, we've got the text... it's OFFICIAL time for Winter Love Island! So get ready to get some shots and cracks because we guarantee you'll want to go through the whole 50 factor for a hit television series comeback!

Ready for all the shocking reconnects and drama villa? Make sure you keep reading, we'll tell you how you can watch Winter Love Island online from anywhere in the world.

ITV seems like "winter can do one" and we agree - we're ready for a cocktail under the sun and a new helping of islanders. If you're curious about this year's singles - keep scrolling as we have the full list below.

Set in bright and sunny South Africa, in winter I love a villa twice the size of a villa in Mallorca and worth as much as 5,3 million!

And one more change in this show besides the location, Caroline Flack had to leave (for reasons that are already very good!). Don't worry, you won't be left host-less as Laura Whitmore (actress and girlfriend of Ian Stirling) will step in as her replacement.

So if you're willing to put all your eggs in one basket, we can guarantee this show is 100% your type on paper. If you're ready to see this year's singles find love make sure you keep scrolling! We'll tell you how to watch Winter Love Island online, whether you're in the UK or a non-conforming holiday.

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How to watch Winter Love on an Island online for free in the UK:

If you're going to be in the UK all the time for the show, then watching it couldn't be easier. Just gather your friends and family around the TV on Sunday January 12th when it starts and get ready to see some grafting. 9pm is the time to tune into ITV2.

But if you prefer to watch love on the island online you can easily catch it using the ITV website or watch it on mobile devices using the ITV hub app which you can download here for Android and here for your iPhone or iPad.

Another way to watch ITV online is to go through - we actually prefer this option since the stream tends to be better quality and more reliable. It's also a faster website, more flexible and faster to get started with. It's still free and legal too.

How to watch winter Love Island online from abroad:

If you're from the UK and a holiday is coming up and the show is on we won't be jealous that you're in the sun while we're facing rain - we'll just tell you how you can get your fix and avoid any annoying geo-blocking . With a VPN, you can change your UK IP address, which will allow you to stream events through your online account. Keep reading and we'll show you how.

Who loves the 2020 Islanders in winter?

  • Leanne Amaning, 22 from London
  • Siannise Fudge, 25 from Bristol
  • Eva Gale, 20 from London
  • Jess Gale, 20 from London
  • Shaugnha Phillips, 25 from London
  • Sophie Piper, 21 from Essex
  • Paige Turley, 22 from Scotland
  • Mike Boateng, 24 from Manchester
  • Connor dope, 25 from Brighton
  • Callum Jones, 23 from Manchester
  • NAN Majid, 23 from London
  • Ollie Williams, 23 from Cornwall
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Who will host Winter Love Island?

Although Caroline Flack has been a familiar face for the past five years for this hit show, she stepped down this year to be accused of assaulting her boyfriend, Lewis Barton.

Laura Whitmore will replace Caroline as the host of this hit TV series. For those of you who haven't heard her before, Whitmore is an Irish TV presenter and actress.

Fans can rest assured that this will be the only big change happening, you can still expect to see humorist Ian Stirling joking around and similar series.

Who is the winner of Love Island 2019?

Amber Jill and Greg O'Shea, and while they've already broken up - it's safe to say they've been the couple's favorites for a while now. Amber entered the house on Day 43, and although she had a difficult period, she certainly moved higher as she was crowned winner - and Greg entered the house on Day XNUMX.

What do the winners of Winter Love Island UK do?

Apart from finding their soul mate of course, they also receive a whopping £50,000 which they can split with their partner or keep for themselves. And of course, they get to be crowned as this year's winners inevitably descend into the Love Island Hall of Fame.

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