Best Xbox bundles 2020: The best gaming bundles for you

So what do you want for Xbox and fair play. If you already own another game console, or want to try it out for the first time, Microsoft's line of consoles is a great place to start.

That said, there are multiple Xbox One versions to choose from, and you'll find all of them offer different package deals. They can come with bundled games, additional controllers and accessories, and any number of other combinations.

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With all this confusion in mind, we've compiled the best Xbox bundles on the market now for you, across the different types of Xbox One available. Read on to see what you should choose.

Xbox One x packs

First off, it's the biggest beast of them all - so far, and before Microsoft and Sony's next generation of consoles hit the scene in Holiday 2020, it's the most powerful console on the market.

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The Xbox One X is the default choice if you're a big fan of 4K gaming and want your game console to look as good as possible. Below you will find some great packs for this powerful joint.

Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Packing one of the most exciting fresh releases from the console, in the form of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen One, this package will let you immediately enjoy one of the most enjoyable games of the past few months. You will explore various planets while learning enough Jedi skills, all perfectly understood.

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Also, if you're in the UK, you'll get the bonus Heal Fury 2, a kinetic and fast-paced open world shooter that has great combat.

Xbox One X Gear 5 Limited Edition


Bundles are often the source of some of Society's most impressive console edition designs, and this is no exception. If you've settled on a Microsoft console, chances are you're itching to play Gears of War, arguably its greatest exclusive franchise yet. To coincide with the release of Gear 5, the latest game in the series, this set gives you an impressive console to show your allegiance.

On top of that, you'll get a digital version of any Gear of War game to play through the entire series - ideal.

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For Xbox One X Horizon Forza 4 Speed ​​Champions Lego Set


If there's a franchise that rivals Gears of War as Microsoft's main asset, it might just be the Forza series. Horizon Forza 4 is, for our money, arguably the best racing game ever, so it's a great choice to get on your console. This pack gives you the game and its adorable Lego addon, allowing you to explore Britain at massively high speeds.

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Xbox One with a pack

If the size of the Xbox One X isn't your style, or if you just want to spend a little less money, the lite version of the Xbox One, the Xbox One s would still be a bit of a kit.

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It won't give you 4K resolution, but it still packs 4K and Blu-ray, and is actually quite attractive on a TV stand.

Xbox One Two Controller Kit


There's something initially like getting a new console and not being able to share it with anyone while you're spending tons of money on a second controller.

This set will allow you to bypass that angst by throwing in a second controller right away. This means you can do split screening right away.

Xbox One from the horizon Forza 4 Lego, Lego Movie 2 and Turtle Beach Scout R read those 70 times headset


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Whether you're buying a console for a kid who loves Lego, or if you're especially fond of the universe's brick house vibe yourself, this set throws together a Forza Horizon 4 Lego expansion with a funny second Lego Movie to give you plenty of Lego to go through.

On top of that, you'll get a lightweight Turtle Beach headset to make sure your exploits don't keep anyone else distracted.

Xbox One With Minecraft Bundles


Minecraft is a phenomenon that shows no signs of diminishing. It's a game that never ends and could be whatever you want to be, from a practical standpoint. So it's not surprising that it's not uncommon for bundles to get you started with an Xbox game, throwing in coin packs, new skins, starter packs, and more.

If you've always been tempted to block-building blockbuster, these packs could have you down to earth.

Xbox One All-Digital Bundles Edition

Maybe you want a console that's thinner than thin though. Microsoft's last, and probably final, version for Xbox One is the Xbox One all-digital edition (and don't pronounce it, we'd agree). If you already have a Blu-ray disc player, or have limited shelf space, we'll be at that sweet little amount.

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It runs as quietly as it can be, and with the addition of digital game codes and game pass ultimate, you won't find yourself missing a single physical game. A huge plus also is that, especially during Black Friday, some huge savings were available on this version of the console, so stay tuned for price cuts.

For Microsoft Xbox One All-Digital Edition and Three Games


The Xbox One All-Digital Edition is a slightly lighter bundle offering at the moment, in part because it's already pretty good for the price of the console. The best known option is a good one, however, to link three great family games to the console.

You will be able to make your console and controller, along with Minecraft, now Fortnite and Sea Raiders. This should be enough to keep you going for some time.

For Microsoft Xbox One All-Digital Edition, Additional Controller and Three Games

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This set, perhaps, represents the culmination of all those that we have presented above. You get the console you want, plus three great games to play on it right away (despite its popularity). To add to that, you get the all-important second controller to make sure you're not immediately Anti-Social when you're all set.

The only annoyance is that for now it is only available to US residents.

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