Best PlayStation 4 packs 2020: great deals on PS4 consoles and games

If you're going for the number of units shipped alone, there's not much to argue that Sony has won the battle to dominate the current generation of console games. We are different to try all available platforms, but this is not the case for many people, and the PlayStation 4 has shifted a huge amount of sales.

No wonder - there have been great exclusive games from the right to launch the console before this, potentially the end of its life cycle. The PlayStation 5 console might be, but if you don't have a PS4 now is still a great time to get on board. There are plenty of cheap games to enjoy, and you can pick up a console for some of the best deals if you're patient.

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One of the best ways to get new gaming consoles, we're sure you'll agree that the bundled package - so you get not only the hardware, but maybe a game or two to play on it, or maybe some useful accessories that you would buy yourself anyway. We've rounded up some of the best PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro bundles on the market so you can find the package that's perfect for you.

PlayStation 4 packs

The original PlayStation 4 model has been replaced with this slim version which is much smaller and slightly thinner to boot. There are many packages to choose from if you are happy to stay in this tested version of the console.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 Bundle

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The last call of duty is a bit of attention, bringing the series back to a realistic, modern setting and well-judged changes to the multiplayer format that has won so many players over the years. It's the perfect companion for the new PS4, with a thriving online community that will make sure you always have matches to join, and the game looks amazing as a bonus.

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FIFA 20 PlayStation 4 Bundle


The biggest game in the world, soccer (or football if needed), has a massive annual game to go with it, in the form of FIFA. Huge franchise has become super-reliable in recent years, and always delivers a polished sports experience. This is a great game to get started with a new console and looks great with bright colors and original player models.

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Playstation 4 only on PlayStation package


If you really want to use a Sony gaming console, though, you might want to get some of the greatest PS4 exclusives, and this set is perfect for that purpose - though it's only available in the US.

Along with the new console, you'll get the last of us remastered, God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn, three of the most critically acclaimed games of all time and which you can't play on any other console. It's about as good a starter pack as we can imagine.

playstation 4 pro bundles

This new generation of consoles has also been marked by the arrival of updated consoles though in the form of PS4 and Xbox One's. The PS4 Pro is an enhanced version of the PlayStation that might suit you if you want the best graphics performance you can get and don't mind paying a little more for it. If you want the latest games to look their best and keep things running smoothly, the packages below for PS4 Pro might be the ticket.

Playstation 4 Pro Red dead redemption 2 pack


One of the most excellent gaming stories of recent years has been Red Dead Redemption 2, and its world will live on for some time to come through the funny and wacky fun of Red Dead. It's a great option to stretch the power of your PS4 Pro, and its luscious environments and vastness look at their absolute best with 4K and HDR display options. If you have a 4K TV, this combination will take some beating.

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Playstation 4 Pro Call of Duty: modern bundle of war


If you've been taken on by the idea of ​​a new call above duty, but want a PS4 Pro to come in a package rather than a standard PS4, this is the same for you too. The good news is that modern warfare is a visual powerhouse too. In particular, during some campaign missions you will struggle to find the difference between the game and reality.

Playstation VR bundles

One of the big advantages that the PS4 has over the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox is that it has the ability to go into a full VR console if you want it (we're not counting of course the fun Nintendo Labo VR kit here!).

Playstation VR game console for an additional fee, but many are the gateway to the real VR experience and games for the inquisitive. There are several packs to be found for it too, including the ones we've highlighted below.

Playstation VR Mega Pack


The best way to get started with PlayStation VR is to immerse yourself in as many experiences as possible, and this mega pack is perfect for that. You will be able to sample a bunch of vignettes in VR worlds before doing more fights in other worlds. You can visit the legendary fantasy adventure in Skyrim or book a brilliant and inventive platformer in the Astro Bot Rescue Mission. For being sporty, golf is the perfect cleanser.

If you really want to experience the power of immersive VR, we're almost scared to recommend Resident Evil VII - it's legitimately awful, and should stay with you for a while.

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