Why you need a polygraph when hiring employees

The head of any enterprise needs financial success, and it largely depends on the human factor, because it is the employees who ensure successful activities and bring profit. People are the most important resource of an organization, and profitability depends on them. Not only professionalism and high qualification matter. Loyalty, reliability, honesty and decency of the employee are also important.

You cannot trust someone who only verbally expresses his integrity. More solid evidence is needed, which there is nowhere to take from, because you cannot determine the honesty of a person only visually. When filling out a resume or questionnaire, he may well indicate fake reasons for dismissal, hide a criminal past, write deliberately false facts. It will help to identify and prevent such situations. lie detector in Kharkov or any other city.

Benefits and benefits of using a lie detector when applying for a job

According to statistics, in a new place, people tend to make the same mistakes and violations as in the previous one. Therefore, the use of a polygraph to test candidates for a position is a good opportunity to minimize the risks associated with hiring a new person. Given the past behavior of the candidate, it is easy to predict how he will act in the future. For example, if he was previously seen in theft, there is a high probability that this will happen again.

To screen out unsuitable candidates even at the stage of admission, a lie detector can be called the best option. This way you can avoid the undesirable consequences that the hiring of an unscrupulous employee will lead to. It is easier and cheaper to immediately refuse an unsuitable candidate than to spend money on his training and pay him a salary when at any moment he can commit an illegal act.

Benefits of using a polygraph when applying for a job

A screening test on a lie detector allows you to conduct a thorough study of the applicant in just 2 hours and do it better than any HR specialist. Such testing is inexpensive, and most of the factors identified by its results cannot be determined during the course of a normal personnel audit. The polygraph perfectly helps to maintain the utmost cleanliness of frames and make sure the testee is honest.

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The lie detector can be used as a reliable tool for selecting conscientious and worthy employees and an effective way to make it possible to accept only the best.

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