Autocar's guide to the best things to do in 2020

As part of our guide to the perfect car year, here are some top tips on how to fill your time in the next 12 months.

We've already provided you with a comprehensive guide to all the new cars of 2020, but now it's up to you. 

There are plenty of ways to indulge your love of cars (classic car show) this year, and it won't necessarily cost you the world. So, this is your updated list of New Year's resolutions, compiled by the authors of Autocar. 

Buy a used 4x4

Whether it's the diminutive Suzuki Jimny or the pompous Land Rover Discovery, we all love 4x10s, and with so many economic and political uncertainties, now might be the time to ride one. Buying a used 20x10 will also save you money and the prices look attractive. You can buy a Disco 4 from £4 or a Range Rover in its current form from £2. Too rich? Try a Toyota Land Cruiser from £3, a tiny Fiat Panda XNUMXxXNUMX from £XNUMX or a Dacia Duster from £XNUMX. Buy any of them and feel great on the pavement and great in the city.

Feature 4X4 Test Charlie Magee December 07 Wrnglr vs Dfndr vs Hmmr Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited KX57 YNW mud

Electric vehicle test drive

There is a serenity in driving an electric car that is not found in a gasoline car. It makes even the smallest supermini feel luxurious: it's so smooth, so quiet, so fast. Give it a try - you can even forgive the shortcomings of the charging infrastructure and look for the extra money needed for an electric vehicle over its combustion engine counterpart.

Buy a new car at a super good deal

Automakers and retailers will suffer. And while your heart may not ache for them, this is a great time to take advantage of some of their persistent efforts to convince you to ignore the backdrop of economic and regulatory uncertainty and buy a new car.

As always, the choice of time and car is everything. Look for end-of-life models that are about to replace (Volkswagen Golf, for example) for the best deals, and don't rule out cash purchases when deposit fees to move unwanted inventory can be especially tempting. Shop well, and buying this way may even incur less depreciation than buying almost new.

Drive Caterham or Ariel

We all start the new year with the promise of a detox, so why not extend it to driving? Beg, borrow or steal (actually not least) to try one of these British light special vehicles to remind the driver why we love to drive.

Buy a car for the Non-Exclusive Festival

The Festival of the Non-Exceptional is the most enjoyable, most carefree event of the year for enthusiasts. It celebrates the unfashionable cars that most people have looked at all their lives, even though they've often been associated with great motoring tales: fraught with family holidays, cheap deals, and endless reliability battles. We'll never forget walking across a 2019 field admiring the Maestro and the Avengers, the Humbers and the Princesses, and chatting with the guy who had a tiny train in the trunk of his Morris Minor. Prices for such cars have started to rise, but they are still very low. Get search! You could be the winner.

Save your unwanted car

There are many unloved old cars hiding on British roads. Don't let this potential classic go unappreciated: do your research, find the owner and ask what he has planned for it. A reasonable offer could make it your next project.

Motor Garage, Netheravon, Salisbury Autocar – 3rd August 2018 Photos – Jed Leicester 07967 091226

Go to a luxury car show...

If you're into a mix of classics, supercars and royalty, put the Hampton Court Palace Contest of Elegance on your list from September 4th to 6th. Waltz around the former home of Henry VIII in southwest London while admiring some of the world's rarest cars such as Bugatti, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. Do the math and almost £1 billion worth of cars will be on display in three days. There are many other high-end car shows during the summer months. Search the web for the best near you.

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… Or your local classic car show

No interest in out-of-reach multi-million dollar garage queens? Forget the big classic car shows and head to the local convention - probably the same field where the Sunday car show is held. You will be amazed at the variety of metal and the owners often have a history.

Attend a WRC event

Everyone has their favorite rally era, but objectively the latest WRC cars are the fastest. They are also the most spectacular. New registers in 2022 could lead to electrification, so take the stage this year (why not Wales, it's already on the doorstep?) for a ton of anti-lag and a face full of gravel. You won't regret it.

JUNE 01: Teemu Suninen, M-Sport Ford, Ford Fiesta WRC 2019 during the Rally Portugal on June 01, 2019. (Photo by McKlein / LAT Images)

Buy a bangle-era BMW

"Controversial" barely describes BMW's latest style direction. But will they age gracefully, like cars from the Chris Bangle era? Widely panned at launch, many of its designs — the original Z4, the 6 2003 Series, and even the E92 3 Series coupe — are now highly regarded by many.

BMW M5 RF05 FSD August 2005 David Shepherd Britain's Best Driver's Car 2005

Book your ticket for the Channel Tunnel

Leaving the Channel Tunnel at Calais, you would theoretically not be able to stop before the Pacific coast of Russia. It's extreme, but France, Spain, Italy and many other great holiday destinations are just a short drive away. Try it this summer: you'll love the journey as much as the destination.

Buying a car abroad

The great thing about buying a car abroad is that you have to go there to see it, which is a great deal for your significant other. In addition, you can also meet interesting people and their vehicles. Car enthusiasts all over the world are almost the same, even if there is a language barrier. You will also have access to something you may not have seen before in the UK. If you can organize the collection and drive it yourself, you will remember this wonderful trip for the rest of your life.

Take part in a short oval race

Few beat short oval races for thrills, whether it's the gliding of powerful stock cars or brutal racing. Unfortunately, external pressures - the need for land, noise complaints and more - have led to the closure of a number of ovals in recent years. Go and support the remaining tracks while you can.

Visit the ZeitHaus (and enjoy currywursts)

The ZeitHaus design museum is in the heart of the Volkswagen Autostadt "theme park", but inside you'll find more than the company's cars. This is a curated collection of historical, significant, unusual and interesting vehicles from over 65 brands, all in immaculate condition. Worth a trip to Wolfsburg. While you're at it, why not stop by one of the Autostadt restaurants for some real Volkswagen curry sausages? Note: Vegan version available.

Motor: 4-Zylinder, Reihe, wassergekühltHubraum: 1781 ccmLeistung: 82 kW bei 5800 U/min.Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 183 km/hLängst ist er ein Kultobjekt. Der Golf GTI. Kaum zu glauben, dass bereits 30 Jahre vergangen sind, seit der Ur-GTI im Juni des Jahres 1976 begeisterten Motorjournalisten auf dem Hockenheimring präsentiert wurde.Über 90 Prozent der europäischen Bevölkerung assoziieren heute die Buchstaben-Kombination Grand Tourisme Golf Injection mit Golf GTI wiederum mit der Marke Volkswagen.Zum Ende des Golf 1 gab es dann im Mai 1983, sozusagen als Dankeschön, den Pirelli GTI. Das limitierte Sondermodell bekam eine reichhaltige Ausstattung mit Leichtmetallrädern im Pirelli-Design, Colorverglasung, 112 PS Motor mit Fünfgangschaltgetriebe, Leder-Sportlenkrad, Doppelscheinwerfer-Grill mit Halogen-Haupt- und Nebelscheinwerfern, Multifunktionsanzeige, Drehzahlmesser, Golfball auf dem kurzen Schalthebel, sowie Kotflügelverbreiterungen in Wagenfarbe. Der serienmäßig so gut bestückte Pirelli GTI sprintete von 0 auf 100 km/h in 9,2 Sekunden. Neben den 13 Serienfarben für den Golf GTI Pirelli gab es ihn in der ausgestellten, heute sehr seltenen, Sonderlackierung "platindiamant metallic".Vom Pirelli GTI sind insgesamt 10.500 des "Pirelli GTI". Das Fahrzeug ist eine Leihgabe des ZeitHaus der Autostadt.

Set an alarm for an early trip

Don't let traffic jams and traffic ruin your weekend on the B-road. Set a very early wake-up call and you can start moving while everyone else is still sleeping. With a little planning ahead, you'll reach your favorite highway just as the sun begins to rise. Leaving the house in the cold and dark is worth the effort when it's just you, your car, and a clean stretch of tarmac.

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Update your racing simulator

Racing sims are constantly improving, but play with an Xbox or PS4 controller and you're halfway there. Invest in a handlebar and pedals for a more realistic experience, and it's cheaper than a real track day.

Get a pass at Mollie's Diner

The classic American diner comes to Oxfordshire in the form of Mollie's Diner, Motel and Drive-Thru. It's created by the Soho House Group, so expect it to be the go-to destination for the crowd. With affordable rooms and authentic American food, you could do worse than staying on your next trip.

Grab the Mk1 MX-5 while they're still profitable

We've all heard stories of people giving up a DB5 in exchange for a monkey or 250 GTOs in exchange for a bag of chips, and now these cars are being auctioned for more than the GDP of a small country. So we feel we must warn you that this year may be your last chance to get your hands on the most charismatic version of Mazda's iconic roadster. You can still pick up a good pistol for less than £2000, but those prices can only go one way and you'll soon be looking down the barrel of a £5 pistol. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Morgan's weekend rental

You can get rich and head straight to the Pickersley Lane factory, or you can find one of the many independent companies that offer such services, but if you love cars, you should find a way to experience the Morgan in one form or another. Whether it's a 3 Wheeler or a Plus 8, and whether you view the flaws as compromise or character, there really isn't anything that can make the hairs on your neck stand on end.

Sign in AutoSolo based road car

Motorsport has never been so easy and cheap. Competitors may only use forward gears (so it's not as confusing as the autotest) and must compete on a closed surface (no paint-damaging gravel) in an area no larger than 200m by 200m (no Mensa-level brains needed). Participants must drive their vehicle to and from the event. Entry costs from £20 and any car is acceptable (but MX-5s and small hatches abound). It is a test of skill as well as speed.

Collect gas station loyalty points

You drive there anyway, so why not join the local gas station's reward system and see what you can save? Schemes like Shell's Go+ and BPme Rewards offer things like discounts on coffee when you're in the store, or you can accumulate points to use on Amazon gift cards, while a Tesco Club Card and Sainsbury Nectar can help you. save money on shopping. And we don't even have a commission for this fork…Back to top

Photographer - Stan Papior Autocar Magazinr Haymarket Publishing Noble M600 Gray Wales

Buy something multi-cylinder

The sad fact is that engines are getting smaller. Less cylinders, less character, more mediocrity. Future generations will not believe what we have done V6, V8, V10, V12 and all that interesting stuff. Even an inline-six will be rare.

Buy now while supplies last and prices are low. Buy one for future generations to listen and enjoy. Jaguar , BMW , Mercedes , Audi , Subaru , Mazda ... there is a configuration with your name.

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