Antivirus only wants to protect their devices for $7, but there's a catch

If you are looking for Internet security Bitdefender, which has extended its Black Friday sale and its total security 2020 platforms have never been so cheap.

The company offers a huge 60% discount, which means you only pay $35.99 (excluding tax) for protection per year instead of the usual $89.99.

That's about $7.20 per device, or literally pennies a day, for one of the best security numbers on the market.

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While there is a VPN tool included, it's not the best in town for a number of reasons - and we think you'd be much better off using an offline service such as ExpressVPN in.

In a nutshell, you get full protection for up to five of your devices (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android). The new version includes webcam and anti-ransomware protection and zero system slowdowns, plus dozens of other features.

Just keep in mind that this deal is only valid for the first year and you will probably pay a lot more in the future. One way to get around this problem is to use a different email for updates to pass as a new customer.

We recommend companies for Antivirus Plus 2020 and Internet Security Offers 2020; both of these are fantastic products but will cost you $12 and $4 respectively. With Total Security 2020, you'll get much better with additional coverage of your device to boot.

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