Motorola's upcoming flagship phone may come with its own stylus

Rumors about Motorola's flagship phones are gaining momentum - and again leaked images potentially showing off the handset suggest that the flagship will come with its own built-in stylus.

It's like a famous informant tweeting Evan Blass, which also previously proposed Motorola Frontier Plus in what's on production.

There is, of course, room for a flagship phone at the top of Motorola's range. The Lenovo-owned brand is focused on budget models in recent years, including mobile phones like Motorola's one zoom.

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This new upcoming phone could change all that - details are thin on the ground at the moment, but we've been hearing talk of a premium Motorola phone for months now.

Motorola edge plus

The only piece of information that has been leaked this far, besides the image you see above, is that the phone will be available on Verizon in the US. This leaves many gaps that have yet to be filled.

For now, Motorola is focused on getting the updated Motorola RAZR phone out the door, with a pre-order set to ship during the first week of February. The folding clamshell definitely has high-end looks, but not high-end specs.

The Moto Z2 is forcefully launched in 2017 as the latest Motorola phone that could lay claim to flagship-level specs, but since then Moto lines haven't been going head-to-head with top-end iPhones, Galaxy phones, but Pixels.

That may change soon - and using a stylus is one way to get a premium phone to stand out. Aside from the Galaxy Note line, very few phones have a built-in stylus, so this will be another selling point for any Motorola plans next.

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