Motorola Moto RAZR vs Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip: Flip Phone Face Off

The flip phone on the market is good and truly alive, seeing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in 2019, followed by the re-energized Moto RAZR, which will go head to head with Samsung's second flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip.

While we know speculation on the RAZR and have seen the phone a few times, Samsung is rumored to launch February 11th with the Galaxy unboxed. So we're using leaked specs for the Z-flip, but we're sure we now have a good idea of ​​what the Samsung phone will offer.

So which foldable phone would be better?


  • For RAZR: 172 x 72 x 6,9mm (open); 94 x 72 x 14 mm (closed), 205g
  • Z flip: 167.9 x 73,6 x 6,9-7,2 mm (open); 87.4 x 73,6 x 15.4-17.3mm (closed), 183g

The Moto RAZR and the Galaxy Z-Flip both loop around the same design as this clamshell, with a horizontal flip display. Both articulations, the big difference is that the Moto RAZR carries some retro design cues from the 2004 RAZR with its monkeys.

That includes the classic RAZR chin that gives the phone a certain shape, while Samsung's is much more symmetrical, with the two sections effectively the same size. The RAZR design, on the other hand, has a smaller top.

The RAZR is on a stainless steel frame, and the bottom rear gets a textured finish and the top houses a second display, as well as a glass finish. It's quite different for a Samsung phone, which is said to have Gorilla 6 glass on the back of both sections.

There will be some differences in the hinge too. We have seen it fall off a couple of times and on close inspection you can see how the auxiliary central part of the open phone falls off, and with the domain structure (plastic OLED) from the screen more than once, as such, instead of expanding into the hinges to allow a slightly softer arc, allowing the frame organically match each other.

Naturally, we haven't seen the Galaxy Z-Flip fold, but if it's something like the Galaxy Fold, it could be that the Samsung phone folds with tighter folds.

Overall, the Samsung phone is slightly shorter and lighter despite the larger display.


  • For RAZR: 6.2-inch, 2142 x 876, 21:9, hurt, really hurt, 373ppi; 2,7" 600 x 800, 4:3
  • Z flip: 6.7-inch, 2636 x 1080, 22:9, AMOLED screen type, 425ppi; 1,06" 300 x 116, 8:3

The RAZR's display-like flex goes against the Samsung Infinity flex. While Motorola has used a plastic surface, there are rumors that Samsung is going to use ultra-thin glass as a protective coating. This may mean that the Z flip is slightly better protected.

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Samsung also has a size advantage. Despite the size of these phones next to each other, not having a rank on the phone (as the RAZR's design dictates) means it can sport a 0,5-inch larger display.

Samsung is also pushing higher resolutions, making sure its display is full HD+. If you're looking at pixel density, Motorola is at 373ppi while Samsung is at 425ppi. Basically, the Samsung display will be technically better.

Of course, there's a lot more to it than just speculation, but Samsung also has a long history of making displays. In this case, the flip also has a camera hole, while the RAZR has a notch.

When it comes to the second screen, the RAZR is at a much more manageable size. There are some substances, while Samsung's external display is rumored to be more like a notification box. This means that Friday is likely to offer a more private phone experience.

Hardware Specification

  • For RAZR: Zev 710 6GB RAM 128GB 2150mAh
  • Z flip: Snapdragon 855 CPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB, 3300mAh

If the leaks surrounding the Samsung phone are accurate, this is where it could lead a bit. The Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip said to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 8GB of RAM is essentially a 2019 flagship download of the phone.

It's paired with 256GB of storage, but with a reported 3300mAh battery, there's a chance the Samsung phone could last a little longer than the RAZR with its 2150mAh battery.

Despite being on a moto, that one thing, we didn't really have a chance to test the battery. Both phones are said to support 15W fast charging.

The design of the RAZR comes with surprisingly mid-range specifications. The Snapdragon 710 processor with 6GB of RAM isn't bad hardware, it's powerful enough, but it put it at a disadvantage compared to the more powerful Samsung - especially since the two phones were rumored to be in the same price bracket.

Ultimately, we'll have to do a lot of performance testing here to really see how big that difference is.


  • For RAZR: 16 megapixels, f/1.7 aperture, 1.22 µm; 5 MP, f/2.0 aperture, 1.12 µm
  • Z flip: 12MP, f/1.8 aperture + 12MP camera, f/2.2 aperture; 10 megapixels, f/2.4 aperture

The RAZR design will get a 16-megapixel main camera and that's just one unit mounted on the "cover" of the phone. You can rotate open the phone to use it as the main camera, or use the second screen to use it for selfies.

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The internal camera e-mails and is 5-megapixels, sitting in a notch at the top of the display.

Samsung is packing in multiple cameras on the Z Flip according to the report. This is to see how two 12-megapixel cameras are on the back of the phone, the second one offering a wide-angle, which we always enjoy. What's not clear is if these are last year's cameras, or if the new sensor is reportedly being built into the Galaxy S20 - we suspect it's the old sensor.

Sure, it looks like Samsung is going to offer other options with its camera, but we love that Motorola has gone with a simplistic approach and the beauty in symmetry that comes from a single rear camera.

Samsung wins on the front camera though, as we much prefer the hole-punch punch-hole front camera in the mix - and we suspect it'll be a bit more capable too.

Price and Availability

  • Motorola RAZR: Pre-Order, $1499.99 at Verizon, UO UK Exclusive
  • Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip: Unreleased, $1400 Rumored

When it comes to prices, things are a little unclear. In the US, Verizon has the Moto RAZR on pre-order for $1499.99; in the UK you can't buy it straight away, you can only get it with a RO - and it's on a 2 year contract at £94 a month - so it's expensive.

And now on pre-order, it will be available from February 4 in the US, February 19 in the UK.

The Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip has yet to be announced, so the only price we have is the suggestion that it will be available for $1400. There's also been speculation that you could do it from February 14th, as those devices hit the tight deadline if that date is correct.


That we have two flip phones showing up at the same time is exciting. Of course, the Moto RAZR has won a lot of fans thanks to its looks, and we have to admit that after playing with the phone a couple of times, the cost of nostalgia for this form and design is very much, it is very desirable.

The Samsung s flip may not look that good, and the external display may be too small to be of any practical use compared to the price. But the hardware load is more attractive - in most aspects of the specs on the Z upheaval, Samsung has the edge - if they prove to be accurate.

If Samsung is offering this phone for $1400, which is cheaper than the Moto RAZR, then it will represent better value for money. The Moto RAZR really has to sell itself on its design and unfortunately with Samsung entering the market so close to Motorola it can be a bit tricky to sell at a price.

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