Nintendo Switch 2 and Switch Pro Specs, Rumors and Specs

Nintendo announced a new Switch Console last year - the cheaper, lighter Nintendo Switch Lite.

But we're still waiting for Nintendo to debut a replacement for the main Nintendo Switch, either referred to as the Nintendo 2 Switch or Switch Pro. It will almost certainly be in 2021 - read on for more on why that is.

By the way, there was also an update for the standard Switch model in 2019, which boasted an improved battery and internal changes, but not the second generation model.

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Switch 2: How likely?

Wall Street Journal spoke to "hardware vendors and software developers" in March 2019, who claimed that the enhanced version of the Switch is aimed at the more dedicated, hardcore gamer on its way.

And given that they were in place to talk about a more affordable, PDA-only model, it goes without saying that they could be right when it comes to the more advanced new switch.

But the best evidence came in July 2019, shortly after the transition Lite was announced. Letter to the FCC (American Communications Regulator), dated July 2, 2019 and posted at FCC website, highlighted the changes to the original specification switch, stating that SoC (system on a chip) and RAM have been improved in the new version.

Switch 2 Specifications and design

While last year's Nintendo Switch Lite has similar internal hardware, the existing Switch 2 will receive a better refurbishment.

According to the Japanese story site, it will have some impressive internal specs.

Its memory is said to be 8GB, double that of the current console, while onboard storage will be a massive hike up to 128GB. The existing Switch only has 32GB of storage and practically requires you to buy a microSD card if you want to store more than one game.

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It is expected that there will be a new hardware platform at the heart of everything - probably once again a hand based Nvidia Tegra.


Finally, switch 2 will support 4K output. It won't have a 4K display built in though. It's likely that instead of a 1080p display (an improvement over 720p on the current switch). A 4K release won't be easy given the SMARTS included in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox and X series. He'll be expecting that from Nintendo.

Sharp is said to have received the go-ahead to supply LCD screens.

Switch Pro compatible with games

All games on the new Nintendo Switch will play on the existing Switch and vice versa (Switch Lite has some motion-controlled game restrictions that won't work due to the lack of detachable joy-cons).

Backward compatibility is something Nintendo has traditionally stuck to, with different generations of GameBoys and DS consoles all being compatible.

So to see what games will run on the Nintendo Switch 2 you only need to take a look at the schedule of upcoming Switch titles.

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Switch 2 release date

Unfortunately, we don't yet have an idea of ​​the actual release date for Switch 2 and the Switch Light announcement has thrown a minor wrench in the works.

Now, Nintendo has already said there won't be a new Switch in 2020 - perhaps to avoid the PS5 and Xbox X series of announcements - so we're looking for a mid-to-late 2021 release date for the Switch 2.

Speaking to investors following the company's latest financial results, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa stated that there are "no plans" to replace or upgrade the switch.

"We think it's important to keep communicating the appeal and switch of Nintendo systems and expand the installed base," he said. "Please note that we have no plans to launch a new Nintendo switch model during 2020."

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