Why do you need a cable organizer and its types

A variety of wires, cables, patch cords can close the space, the right indicators, create confusion. To streamline all this, one of the types of equipment was created - cable organizer. It is a metal panel that fits into a cabinet or a special rack, and is necessary for organizing wires. The main one is the chassis and there are additional details - rings, brackets, comb.

This device performs a number of functions:

  • cable bending does not exceed the norm, so there are no kinks and loops;
  • there is more free space due to the economical laying of cables and other elements;
  • the network has a neat appearance, the maintenance of equipment is improving;
  • the load on the switching points is reduced as the weight of the wires is adjusted.

Such an organizer facilitates work in large networks. Easy to install, as it is made in the form of a stand.

Types of this design

This product is divided into several types, among which you can choose the most suitable for yourself. So, organizers are distinguished:

  • vertical are arranged along vertical guides. In length, such a device is equal to the height of the rack;
  • horizontal ones line up in the slot of the communication cabinet using M6 fasteners;
  • structures, thanks to which the cable is laid in a bundle. Made of PVC, have a spiral shape;
  • self-contained rings or staples are designed to hold a series of wires and are used in a variety of places.

Cable organizers are made from various materials. Most structures are metal. They are made of steel and covered with polymer plastic. There are models where the chassis is made of metal, and the holders are plastic. Models can be completely plastic. "Ring" and other compact designs are made of plastic and metal. They differ from each other in price.

What to look for when buying an organizer?

If you are planning to buy organizer for laying cables in a bundle, you should consider where it will be located. The number of cable routes is also important.

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In most cases, one organizer is needed for two pieces of equipment. But if there are a large number of wires, then one design should be purchased for one unit. Designs come with a different number of fixing elements (there are 5 and 6). Organizers of a closed type are also known (they are closed with a lid). For the output of cables, special holes are made that protect the wires well, but at a cost more expensive than open ones.

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