17 Ways to Learn to Love Yourself and Be Happy

love and happiness are not found, they are created. It's not a switch, one day is flipped and you are in love with yourself and your life; he discovered, learned and practiced daily. Loving yourself is the most productive thing you can do for your life, because doubting your own hatred and belittling you is holding you back from reaching your full potential, and of course, true happiness. You can't really be happy if you don't love yourself, because no matter how happy everyone else in your life is, you will always feel unworthy, like you don't deserve happiness. Loving yourself is not arrogant or grandiose, from a young age we were taught that to love yourself is to be selfish, wrong, arrogant, patronizing, unattractive and unproductive. Self hatred has been a motivator for self improvement for so long and we have been ashamed of ourselves for showing ourselves even a little bit of love. We shame our peers for being happy and confident by calling them arrogant, narcissistic, delusional and wrong because they have what we want. Loving yourself is about experiencing happiness and security on a whole new level. We search outwardly for love because it's like being children we found love and security. He was rewarded with us when we did good things. But we didn't grow out of it, we keep looking for love in other people, but the truth is, the love you're looking for can only come from within. This is why someone else's love is never enough for you to be truly happy and you can never feel safe if you are not comfortable with your own possibilities. But how can you be more confident and love yourself? Well, learning to love yourself is the way to go, these are the short fire lessons you have to learn the activities you need to improve your self love and increase true happiness in your life. Here are 17 ways to learn to love yourself and be happy:

1. Banish the idea that you have to be perfect

The ideal body, life, intellect… all of that. Perfection doesn't exist, and when you think it's on social media, it's often masked by overwhelming mental health issues. You will never be perfect. But the good news is, you are already perfect in your imperfection.

2. Understand that society's expectations of you are unrealistic standards that can never be met.

It is common for us humans to always want more, even if you hit that unrealistic standard, you will always be unhappy because you want more. Do not compare yourself and your life, which is an unrealistic standard, it only leads to our own hatred and depression: the more we compare, the more we lose ourselves

3. Live in the moment, for a minute every day

Take a moment to stop in the endless chase and just look inside yourself. See where you came from and appreciate the beauty of the moment that you are alive... living, breathing, functioning as a human being and how much luxury.

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4. Daily Gratitude

What is the key to happiness. Start a gratitude journal, Instagram channel, blog or just spend 3 minutes every day thinking about all the things you are grateful for, your body, your life, your friends, your country, m&ms, how great that old pan lasts you, like that man on the bus, let you in first... When we get comfortable, we're ungrateful. Changes that show gratitude every day.

5. Accept the fact that you can't control everything.

The only thing you can control things is within your control and your reaction. Understand that you cannot control other people, their choices, their behavior just like you cannot control the weather. Life isn't trying to control everything, it's about how you react to it. Instead of trying to control everything and everything, do the best you can and then put your hands up and say "it's in God's hands now" and leave it to work itself out. Everything will work out in the end.

6. Self service

Society teaches us that self-care is selfish and God forbid, our biggest fear is called selfishness. In response, we work ourselves to death and so everyone knows that we are good. But there is a price to be "good" in the eyes of society, and what is the cost of your happiness. Get over trying to be "nice" and take care of yourself. Self care = happiness. Begin to engage in these 30 Self-help habits for a strong and healthy mind, body and spirit.

7. Joining in emotionally with yourself

Find a chair, have a cup of coffee and ask what's going on with you today. How do you feel? Such a feeling. Learning to actually feel your feelings instead of brushing them under the rug is the best way forward.

8. Face Your Negative Thoughts

Ask them: are they correct? Can they be helpful? Are they kind? Before you say something negative, ask yourself, does this thought benefit me in any way? Does this thought make me better? Or is it just rudeness, humiliation and cruel. We are most often abusive towards ourselves mentally, which means that one of the most important keys to happiness is to stop with internal torture. Endless insults, humiliation, "you are this and you are that." Use only supportive and positive language in your head. Try these 7 powerful ways to stop negative thinking.

9. Tighten Your Circle

Your social circle affects your entire life. Learn about the hidden power of every person around you. You are the accumulation of 5 people with whom you hang out to see who it is. Who are they? Are they positive? Be in love? Support? Or are they negative, rude and offensive? You don't owe anything to anyone, so if someone drags you down, like a very negative friend, an abusive friend or a rather stubborn, overbearing aunt. You don't owe them your time. Ditch, Avoid, Move On. This is your life.

10. Eat Healthy

What you put into your body affects your mental health. Not only biologically, but if you eat something you think is bad, you sit and feel ashamed of yourself. Don't shame yourself, life is too short to shame yourself for eating. Remove the restriction on eating, stop dieting and eat like a person. Eat foods that you love and eat natural foods. Your body will thank you.

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11. Start moving!

Don't just sign up for a gym and don't go. Try new forms of physical activity, find one you like that makes you laugh and have fun. Then do it! Dancerize, zumba, spin, mermaid swimming… there's an almost unlimited number of sports out there. Try them out and see your happiness bloom!

12. Remember Who You Are

You've been through a lot and you've been through it, getting stronger and stronger each time. I ask you to remember who you are. Adversity is your friend, he challenges you to make life interesting so that you can get to the place you really want to go!

13. Give yourself permission to love your body.

Your body is a wonderful and wonderful tool for adventure. Your body is not only aesthetically pleasing to other people and society. This is not a fancy vase. It is a tool so that you can do whatever you want to do in this life. Climb, eat, travel, work, knit... treat your body as if it were your child. With nothing but love and understanding that she is perfect for who she is.

14. Stop looking for happiness in the physique

We are taught that we will be happy if we conform to the ideal body. You know what type, it changes every decade, an impossible beauty standard that is often airbrushed behind. No matter how much weight you lose, the plastic surgery you get and the many products you buy. Happiness cannot be found in the body, because that is not where happiness lives. Happiness comes from accepting yourself. From realizing that the reason you want the body is to feel secure, accepted and successful so that you feel like you can do all the things you want to do. Well, you can do whatever you want, no matter what your body looks like, so stop wasting time trying to fit your diet type and actually go to your happiness. He is inside.

15. Try Minimalism

True happiness and love is not found in things, it is found in appreciating what you have and experience. At the end of your life, you want someone to say, How great is your life, how did you do everything you wanted! Not that you have a huge collection of things and you were a hoarder. Shopping for happiness is like McDonald's, appreciating the fact that you have homemade healthy food. Here's an inspirational read recommended for you: If money can't buy happiness, what can?

16. Keep Learning

Learn, read, experiment... find what works for you. Try. Don't just read this and go, well I think it's interesting and go. Choose one of these things and practice them. Happiness is not a switch, it is a daily practice.

17. Clean up your environment

Clearly all these negative people on social media. All these recognizable memes about underachieving alcoholics. What you put into your mind becomes your life, so it only makes sense that you fill your mind with positive information and you will have a positive life.

Final Thoughts

These quick fire lessons need to learn how to be happy. As I said, this is a daily practice, it's quite a lot, so start in one you will find the most drawn and practice that every day for a month. After incorporating it into a habit, your life will improve and happiness will be able to flourish. Happiness is right in front of you if you only choose to find it and practice it.

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