Football league live streaming: how to watch football league online from anywhere

Football fans don't have to wait until September to watch their favorite sports - the XFL is back! After a 19-year hiatus, Vince McMahon has been relaunched from his Alternate Football League and we're here to make sure you don't miss a single one of the 43 matches in the 2020 season - no matter where in the world you are - with our Football League Guide , live broadcast.

The XFL is a winter and spring football league that originally debuted in 2001 but only lasted one season. Although his first version was known for gimmicks (both on and off the field, as he was created by the chairman of the IFR) the relaunched football league would be "football only" and "football".

Eight teams will compete in the 2020 Football League season, divided into two divisions. The New York Guardians, Washington Defenders, Tampa Bay Vipers and St. Louis Battlehawks will play in the East Division while the Seattle Dragons, Los Angeles Wildcats, Dallas Outlaws and Houston Thugs will play in the West Division. Each team will have to play just 10 games this season with five games at home and five away.

In terms of schedule, the Football League season will be much shorter than the NFL's 17 week regular season and there will be 10 weeks of regular play from February to April with four games a week. After Week 10, the top two teams from the East Division and West Division will battle it out in the playoffs to earn a spot in the 2020 Football League Championship Game on April 26th.

Will the Football League be relaunched, able to carve out a place for itself and succeed where Vince's last attempt at creating an alternative football league failed? Read on to find out how to get Football League live coverage from anywhere in the world.

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How to Live Stream Football League Football Outside Your Country

If you are trying to watch football league football from the UK, USA, Canada or Australia, keep reading as we have listed all the ways you can watch every match in the 2020 season on TV or on the internet below. However, if you live in a country where the football league is not broadcast or happen to be traveling abroad when the game you are trying to watch is not shown, then you can probably view it as a result of geo-blocking.

While it is possible to search the internet trying to find a less reputable stream from Reddit, we have a better solution. Via VPN networks, you can easily change the IP address of your laptop, tablet or smartphone to appear as if you were in another location where the football league is currently being shown.

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Schedule 2020 Football League

Week 1

- Seattle Dragons Defenders V DC: 2 pm ET Saturday, Feb. 8 on ABC

- La Panther at Houston Thugs: 5 pm ET on Saturday, Feb. 8 on Fox

- Tampa Bay Vipers to NYC Guardians: 2pm ET on Sunday, Feb. 9 on Fox

- St. Louis Battlehawks in Dallas Outlaws: 5 pm ET on Sunday, Feb. 9 on ESPN

Weeks 2

- NY Guardians at DC Defenders: 2 pm ET on Saturday, Feb. 15 on ABC

- Tampa Bay Vipers to Seattle Dragons: 5 pm ET on Saturday, Feb. 15 on Fox

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- Dallas Outlaws at La Wildcats: 3pm ET on Sunday, Feb. 16 on ABC

- St. Louis Battlehawks at Houston Thugs: 6 pm ET on Sunday, Feb. 16 on FS1 at

Check out the full 2020 football league schedule here

How to Watch Every Football League Game in the USA

  • Hulu with TV $54.99 per month - Hulu gives you access to ESPN, FS1, ABC and Fox among other channels and you can watch it on your own Hulu Originals service.
  • Sling TV Starting at $20 per month - With the Orange and Blue plan you get access to ESPN, FS1, the Fox, and many more channels. The service costs only $20 for the first month, but after that the price increases to $45 per month.
  • FuboTV starting at $54.99 per month - FuboTV basic plan gives you access to 103 channels including Fox, FS1 and FS2. The service doesn't include every channel you need to watch Football League this season, but there is plenty of variety plus you get 30 hours of cloud DVR and the ability to watch two screens at the same time.
  • Youtube TV $49,99 per month - YouTube on TV gives you access to over 70 channels including Fox, ABC, ESPN and ESPN 2, FS1 and FS2 which means you can easily follow every football league game in this season. YouTube TV also gives you unlimited cloud storage in case you want to record a game for later.
  • AT&T TV now $65 per month - V&T now gives you access to over 45 channels including Fox, FS1, things like ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC. Although more expensive than the other options on this list, AT&T TV now also comes with HBO for the same price.

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