KTM 2020: what to expect from the big traveling show

KTM 2020 - Mobile World Congress 2020 to give it its full name - runs from February 24-27 and will be the biggest traveling show this year, just like KTM 2019 was last year's biggest.

Update: However, the show's scale is the question of how the new coronavirus continues to disrupt the movement of the world's population. KTM is suffering knock-on affects, with several companies announcing that they will no longer attend.

LG was the first to say he was pulling out of the show, and since then Ericsson (as of February 7), Nvidia (as of February 7th), Amazon (for February 9) and recently Sony (as of February 10), all followed suit, citing concerns about the well-being of their customers, partners, media and employees.

Meanwhile, Chinese firm ZTE has canceled its 2020 MWC press conference but is still planning to make an appearance on the show.

Show organizer, GSMA association, issued a press release on February 9 that KTM 2020 will continue to lead the way with over 2800 exhibitors down to attend - but we'll see if that number drops as the ribs event gets closer.

KTM 2020 will be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain and we expect to see the introduction of a range of new devices from various manufacturers. Initially, we didn't even expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S20, but now the company has confirmed the plans, which we'll get below.

We are still looking forward to seeing top devices like Xiaomi Mi 10 and Sony Xperia 2 so expect it to be one of the most exciting times of the year if you want to upgrade your phone.

Below you'll find activity expected from the majors that will be at the show, plus the latest news and rumors about what else we might see in Barcelona.

Honor at MWC 2020

Watch Honor 30 Press Images

We actually know quite a bit about MWC's plans for 2020, thanks to the company itself. An honor to host the event on February 24 at 5:30 pm CET.

Launch products have to watch Honor 30 Pro Honor and Pro 9X. The former is one of two phones that were released in China at the end of 2019, while the latter is a seemingly upgraded version of the Honor 9X low-cost phone that has been available globally since November 2019. All these phones are installed in the global novelties at MWC 2020 because they are already available in China.

HTC at MWC 2020

HTC Hub 5G launched at MWC 2019

According to the KTM 2020 website, HTC is going to be an attendee, but that doesn't mean it will be a real press conference and we haven't heard anything about the official event.

Since the HTC device is slowing her smartphone output to a halt, if she isn't from any tech it's probably a headset or another 5G hub as it's launched at MWC 2020.

Huawei at MWC 2020

Huawei P30 Pro from 2019

Huawei is going to be a little unpredictable at MWC 2020 – while in 2019 it launched the Huawei P30 a month after the event, Huawei's ban means it could change its schedule a little or completely.

We could see that Huawei is announcing its Huawei P40 series at an event where it is a must to reporters, but on the other hand it may launch non-physical products rather than show off its new operating system operating system harmony, which is key for the company, taking on Google and Android.

We don't have a word at the press conference, although we know what the company will present at the event. It doesn't mean it's through, as it could be showing its 5G infrastructure or a lot of tech, not so much products.

LG at MWC 2020

LG V50 with ThinQ launched at MWC 2019

We were hoping to see LG release a new flagship smartphone in the form of LG's P9 at MWC 2020, but the South Korean firm has already officially pulled out of the show.

In a statement, he said “With the safety of its employees and the general public first and foremost in mind, LG has decided to withdraw and participate in MWC 2020 later this month in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

"This solution will prevent hundreds of LG employees from being needlessly subjected to international travel, which is what most health experts recommend."

Motorola at MWC 2020

Moto G7 Plus launched just before MWC 2019.

Motorola is like Samsung in that in 2019 it launched its new smartphones just before this year's MWC. These were the G7 series, and while the Moto G8 Plus is already available for purchase, the rest of the Moto G8 in the series could come at, or just before, the 2020 KTM.

It is also possible that Motorola's parent company, Lenovo, could not share new products such as wireless headphones or notebooks, but for the mobile show we do not expect the latter.

Android headlines Motorola is about to throw its smartphone on the evening of February 23rd at 7pm CET, and according to the site, that could bring with it a new flagship. There was no press conference at MWC 2019 though.

Nokia at MWC 2020

In Nokia PureView S 9,

Nokia is a reliable MWC phone company, as it almost constantly releases new phones for the event. In 2019, we've seen the Nokia PureView 9 and rumors suggest the phone is the successor; we also expect to see some new midrange or affordable devices.

Nokia's MWC event is scheduled for 4:30pm CET on February 23rd so we can see the new slate of phones then.

Divorce at MWC 2020

The OnePlus 5G phone from MWC 2019

It's unlikely (though not impossible) that OnePlus will have a press conference at MWC 2020. We haven't heard one going on, and the company hasn't in the past.

Having said that, the company can still show up on the show itself; perhaps tech, although there may not be phones. In 2019, we saw the OnePlus 5G concept phone that preceded the launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G smartphone, so while we couldn't see it with the OnePlus 8, the company may show off some of the techniques we're seeing in the device.

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Oppo at MWC 2020

The technology behind Oppo Reno 10x zoom was on display at MWC 2019

As with OnePlus, Oppo and KTM are using more to show off technologies than to launch actual products themselves. The company has become even more popular during 2019, so this may change, but we haven't heard any press conference so far.

Oppo showed off its hybrid 2019x zoom in 10, which later found its way to the Oppo Reno 10x zoom, and if the company doesn't launch the smartphone at MWC, we might still be able to learn a little more about 2020 in store.

Realme at MWC 2020

Realme X2 Pro

Realme isn't commonly known as the phone company's KTM, and its devices only became popular in the West in mid-2019, but KTM 2020 could be its Grace's first major event. We're not that far away to hear anything.

Some rumors point to Realme holding a press conference and possibly launching a new phone along with a 5G equivalent and possibly even a fitness tracker. We're not entirely convinced just yet, though don't mind being proven wrong.

Samsung at MWC 2020

In recent years, Samsung has opted not to launch its new Galaxy smartphone at MWC rather than hosting a special event for it in recent weeks, and we already expect the Galaxy S20 to launch on February 11, two weeks before MWC 2020.

It is said that Samsung is usually still an exhibitor, with a large booth in the showroom. This is where he shows off the new Galaxy S phones to fans (like the devices, usually in early March, after MWC, so most people haven't seen them in person yet). It is also common for Galaxy phones to be out of the company's affordable range, and we expect it to be shown new at MWC 2020. Perhaps the A31 and A11 will be shown there.

Sony at MWC 2020

Sony has officially pulled out of the 2020 KTM. In a statement released on February 10, firmly said:

“Sony is closely monitoring developments following the novel coronavirus outbreak, which was declared a global threat by the World Health Organization on January 30, 2020.

"Because we place the utmost importance on the safety and well-being of our customers, partners, media and employees, we have made the difficult decision to withdraw and attend MWC 2020 in Barcelona, ​​Spain."

However, the good news is that there will still be new product launches - we expect to see the Sony Xperia 2 and possibly a mid-range device or two similar to MWC in 2019, which saw the Xperia 1, 10 and 10, plus – as confirmed online launch instead.

"Sony press conferences will now be held at the scheduled time of 8:30 am (CET) on February 24, 2020 as a video through our official Xperia Smartphone YouTube channel to share our exciting product news."

At TCL at MWC 2020

For TCL 10 5g at Kes 2020

TCL surprised us at CES 2020 in January by launching loads of smartphones - ICL 10, 10 Pro and 10 5G, as well as Alcatel 3L, 1S and 1B, so it's already been a busy year.

We know that TCL is holding a press conference at MWC 2020 at 6pm CET on February 22nd, and it's likely we'll hear about the release time and pricing on the listed phones. It's also possible the company will release a few devices, but we wouldn't be holding our breath on that front.

Vivo at MWC 2020

Vivo doesn't always use MWC to show off a new phone, instead letting us see concept phones that boast technology that is slowly making its way into phones in the coming years.

It happened in 2019 when the company showed off the Vivo Apex concept with a pop camera and a fingerprint sensor screen that let you press anywhere on the bottom half of the screen to unlock. We expected something similar in 2020, instead of a traditional phone launch.

Case for MWC 2020

Xiaomi Mi 9 which was launched at MWC 2019

After launching in the UK at the end of 2018, Xiaomi held the MWC 2019 press conference showcasing the Mi 9. We expect to hear about the Xiaomi Mi 10 (and possibly the Pro version as well) at MWC 2020, the basis of this precedent as well. also some rumors about that as such.

The company is said to have nothing confirmed, so it's all rumors and speculation at the moment. Since Xiaomi is already pushing for Western markets for 2019, we were expecting too much this new Mi phone and maybe even a new Redmi device.

ZTE at MWC 2020

ZTE is scheduled to show off its latest 5G designs, but the Chinese firm canceled its press conference following the coronavirus outbreak.

However, in a statement, ZTE confirmed that it "will be attending MWC Barcelona 2020 as planned, demonstrating a comprehensive 5G end-to-end solution and a wide variety of 5G devices."

In fact, it will launch a new 5G ZTE Axon smart phone at the show, as well as a new mid-tube blade series.

What we hope to see at MWC 2020

These are the smartphones we want to see, we expect to see, or it has been said we will see at MWC 2020. They include over-foldables, premium smartphones, and budget devices.

While in many cases we have singled out specific phones, in other cases we have covered the entire manufacturer in one section, as we are not sure which devices will be represented in all cases.

Something weird from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

It's a big topic of conversation at the moment and we'll see the Samsung Galaxy S20 before MWC 2020.

Instead, Samsung will be holding its own event in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago on Tuesday, February 11th, where we'll likely see new phones from the company, and it's rumored there will be more than one.

Currently, it looks like we'll see the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and maybe even the Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip at the event, but Samsung could save a few announcements at MWC 2020…

samsung galaxy series

Samsung Galaxy A80

While the Galaxy S20 doesn't land at MWC 2020, we may see one or more new entries in the Galaxy series, similar to the Samsung Galaxy A50 and Samsung Galaxy A30 that were unveiled at MWC 2019.

These phones are a bit less flashy than more flagship devices, but they often end up being so popular after all, with some of the top-end specs sold in mid-range phones.

What models and what they might be capable of is unknown, but some items in the range have proven impressive, with the Galaxy A80 sporting pivoting rear and front cameras, and the Galaxy A90 5G packing near flagship specs, including the 5G.

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All this said, Samsung has already introduced its Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 to Western markets at CES 2020. This could mean Samsung is focusing on products like the Galaxy S6 5G or new socks at the Mobile World Congress.

Huawei P40

Huawei P30

Huawei frequently announces mainstream phones at MWC, with the foldable Huawei Mate X being unveiled at MWC 2019, and Huawei's flagship P10 landing at the show a couple of years ago, for example.

That it's not always the place to launch phones in the main flagship series, so it's far from guaranteed that we'll see Huawei in the P40 there. It's always possible, and we'd love to see the next edition of Focused Line photography get you a new edition teased earlier in the year.

If the situation does not change, Huawei P40 will land without access to Google services, which is sure to get in the way, but the main features and other equipment are likely to impress. In particular, we're expecting a very good camera with lots of lenses, given Huawei's latest form, but beyond that we're not sure what the P40 will offer yet.

Sony Xperia 2

Sony Xperia 1

Sony has revealed that it will hold a press conference at MWC on February 24th. While he didn't say what would be announced, the Sony Xperia 2 (or Sony Xperia 5 Plus, as you might call it) is the most obvious candidate, as the company frequently announces flagship phones at MWC, including the Sony Xperia 1 at MWC 2019.

Expect high-end specs and most likely a 21:9 display. One of the more recent rumors suggest that the phone will ship packing a top-end Snapdragon 865 processor. We've also heard that it could have a quad camera lens, 12GB of RAM, and a 6.6-inch screen.

Huawei Mate Xs

Huawei Mate X

Huawei's foldable phone, Mate X, launched at MWC 2019, and we've heard that its successor will be another futuristic device to launch at the event.

This kit is for Huawei Mate XS, and it doesn't change much about the original in terms of form factor, but the internal specs are expected to be upgraded. The original Mate X had similar camera specs to the Mate 20 and the later P30 processor, and the new buddy XS apparently had a P30 procamera array and the same Mate 30 processor.

Basically, the new Buddy XS specifications will be updated to reflect the new technology. We've heard this will be the only Huawei foldable phone to launch in the West, with the more "older" Mate X only available in China.

9.2 Nokia PureView C

Nokia PureView S 9

The Nokia 9 PureView technology was unveiled at MWC 2019 and we hope to see its successor at MWC 2020. There are some doubts about what the next phone will actually be called though.

We've heard rumors about Nokia's PureView technology Nokia 9.2 rather than 9.1, so it could be the company skipping the generation of the next device. Rumors include 5G support and some photography improvements, but it's also unknown if it will land at MWC 2020.

The latest story on the Nokia 9.2 PureView Technology offers the phone has been shelved to make sure it can include Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 865 chipset. This could mean HMD Global will skip MWC and instead enter the phone at a later date.



LG announced not one, but two flagships at MWC 2019, so we're expecting at least one drop at MWC 2020, and that could be the LG R9.

We don't know too much about the LG P9 yet and LG loves to put out fancy features in phones, so this might hold some surprises.

It may also inherit some features from other recent LG flagships, such as a second screen app like the LG ThinQ G8X, and a hole-less vibrating speaker like the LG G8.

LG's V60

LG V50 with ThinQ 5G

Other LG flagship that we can get as well or instead of the LG G9 is a new V-series entry that will likely be called the LG V60.

It's a different phone that we don't know much about, but will most likely offer 5G considering what the LG ThinQ V50 or 5G does, and probably even more premium range, specs and features than the LG G9 device.

We hope the phonemaker introduces new features this time: the V40 was the first mainstream phone to sport three rear cameras, ushered in the era of ultra-wide lens, but the V50 was slightly upgrade raced to be one of the first 5G phones.

Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi has recently begun to make more pressure on Western markets which is a good thing, as its phones are often of remarkable quality, even on the high end. The phone manufacturer has already confirmed that it will launch at least 10 handsets installed with 5G in 2020.

Therefore, at MWC 2020 we hope to see Xiaomi Mi 10, which would not be out of the question given the company suggested it would happen. The timing would make sense for her to be there, and it could end quietly being one of the most interesting phones to show if the Xiaomi Mi 9 is worth anything.

That phone isn't exactly innovative, but it does include a top-end chipset, good cameras and few real weak points, all about half the price of big-name flagships, so the Xiaomi Mi 10 is likely to pull off a similar stunt. With the Mi Note 10, though, it's clear that Xiaomi is making moves towards the upper end of the market, so there could be more phones, or at least additional features in the Mi 10.

Moto G8

Moto G7

We're expecting the Moto G8 in early 2020, so maybe land on MWC 2020, though the Moto G7 was announced shortly before MWC 2019, so we're far from certain.

Well, we didn't expect the Moto G8 Plus, which was released early, but the rest of the series could debut in early 2020.

We're hoping to see something from Motorola though, whether it's the Moto Power G8 and Play, a new entry in Motorola's diverse range of one gamut, or something else entirely. The company is expanding its line below the Z-series, and we can't wait to see if it's trying something new now that it's introducing new phones that aren't related to moto mods.

Leaks point to the Moto G8 possibly having a camera pop-up, and it's bound to be a great budget phone option for one of the more exciting non-flagships on show.

OPPO Find X2

It seems that the successor to OPPO Find X will arrive in early 2020, according to the company itself, and KTM 2020 will be the perfect opportunity for this.

Oppo usually takes the KTM as time to show off some tech for its upcoming phones, with the 2019 KTM bringing us its 10x zoom hybrid tech that later made its way to the Oppo Reno 10x zoom.

The actual launch of the phone will vary, but as Oppo gets bigger in the West, that's understandable too. We could also see the Oppo Reno 3 launch in the West at the event, but that would make it four months after China's initial launch, which will be quite late, so we're not sure.

  • The iPhone and 12 will almost certainly not be at MWC
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