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The Korean giant will work with California-based start-up Canoo on a range of electric vehicles

Hyundai Motor Group will build a set of "off-the-shelf" electric Hyundai and Kia vehicles based on an electric platform developed by California-based EV startup Canoo.

In Los Angeles, Canoo has developed a skateboarding platform for a range of vehicles that it intends to offer on a subscription basis. It has already signed a contract to work with a Korean manufacturer to use the architecture for vehicles ranging from small electric vehicles to large general purpose motor vehicles (PBVs). Canoo will provide both platforms and "engineering services".

The Canoo platform is a self-contained unit that houses all the key components of the powertrain, on top of which any type of vehicle body can be mounted. Hyundai said it was drawn to the platform because of the emphasis on "functional integration," key components that perform different functions -- in turn, reducing the size, weight, and complexity of the chassis.

Hyundai said through Canoo's adaptable platform will "allow for a simplified and standardized development process for Kia and Hyundai electrified vehicles, which is expected to help reduce costs that can be passed on to consumers."

Hyundai R&D boss Albert Biermann said the firm was "very impressed with the speed and efficiency with which Canoo has developed its innovative EV architecture." He added that the two firms will develop "Hyundai's cost-effective platform concept that is autonomously ready and suitable for mass adoption."

Hyundai Motor Group recently committed to investing £67bn over the next five years on further EV growth and development plans. Which includes a £40bn investment in "future technologies" and £19bn in electrification, with a goal for "green cars" to account for 25% of the group's sales through 2025.

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The group already has full electric Hyundai Kona electric, Kia e-Niro and Kia Soul e for sale. It recently invested £85m in a British EV start-up in a deal that involves the development of a range of electric cars and buses on the firm's electric platform. In Addiiton, he showed the PMB concept this year at the CES Technician event, where she also introduced the flying taxi concept.

Originally named Evlozcity, Canoo was founded in late 2017. The plan offers four EMUs per membership in a subscription business model. She unveiled her first car, an unnamed MPV car in a style she calls "urban loft," last year ahead of a planned launch in 2021.

Canoo said its platform design will “rethink EV design in a way that challenges traditional motorized form and function.”


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