Fujifilm X-T4 leaked images give us our first look at upcoming mirrorless cameras

There's a countdown of the clock ticking on Fujifilm websiteletting us know that the X-T4 will go official on February 26th, which means we'll be seeing a flurry of leaks about upcoming cameras now.

While a few X-T4 specs are already rumored to render or images have been revealed… until now. How drug addict fuji и fuji rumors The published leaked images of the X-T4 give us a closer look at Fujifilm's next mirrorless all-rounder. All of the images are heavily watermarked, but the Fuji junkie made two clear ones.

If the veracity of these pictures can be proven, then fuji addict november 2019 rumors pro X-T4 flip screen may well be true. At the time, Fuji Addict also reported that the upcoming camera would be able to capture 6K/60p video as a Phased S1H, but the new spec sheet revealed Fuji Rumors says something that might not be true.

Going by these pictures, it seems the X-T4 is more or less different from its predecessor, except for the screen. A little closer, though, you can notice slight changes, especially to the inscribed dial on the left, which seems to include a dedicated HDR mode. The AF-assist bulb seems to have been positioned a little higher, and the Fuji junkie says the camera will be a bit thicker than the X-T3.

We recently learned that Fujifilm has developed powerful batteries for the X-T4 and both of the aforementioned rumor sites have shown that it will be 2,350 mAh. If this is true, then this is a powerful boost from the 1,260 mAh NP-W126S battery used in the X-T3, explaining why the new cameras will be slightly larger than the current model.

Rumors suggest that the X-T4 inherits the same 26MP sensor currently used in the X-T3, and we won't complain if that's the case - the X-Trans sensor is amazing, with great noise, and only about 18 months after all.

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It really looks like the X-T3 was only announced yesterday, going free in September 2018 and almost immediately began competing for a spot in our best mirrorless camera roundup. However, Fujifilm doesn't seem to be too eager to rest on its laurels just yet - having just announced the X100V, the Japanese camera maker is all set to debut its fourth X-T snapper.

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