Best headphones under Rs 2000 in India for February 2020

The best headphones under Rs 2000 cannot offer the wide range of services found on flagship headphones. However, there are several inexpensive earbuds on the market that really provide that pure sound, a sound quality that will keep you satisfied, no matter what your wire preferences are. This list includes both wired and wireless options.

This article is the perfect guide to help you choose between the options so you can buy the best headphones under Rs 2000 that are specially designed to meet your needs. If you are looking for the best headphones under Rs 2000 in India, these options below stand out.

Ranging from Bluetooth headsets to over-ear headphones and headphones with microphone for headphones without microphone, the list covers all categories, so you can choose what suits your bill.

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Realme Buds Wireless

As with smartphones, Realme's buds are significantly cheaper than the rest of the wireless competition. It brings a bunch of features that are rare at this price, like seamless connection in seconds, magnetic locks that double as power buttons, and long battery life.

Tuned by DJ Alan Walker, these excel at playing electro or EDM music with strong bass. Battery life is rated at 12 hours, which is also on the higher side. All this in a package that weighs just 30g makes Realme Wireless Buds a no-brainer.

1More piston fit

Although 1More is not a very popular audio company in India, but nonetheless there are some high quality headphones that offer a big bang for your buck. If you are looking for inexpensive yet quality headphones, Piston Fit 1More may be the right fit for your needs.

Depending on the shape of the insides of your ears, you can choose between different sizes of tips for 1More piston fits. The 45 degree angled design also helps in getting that snug feel.

The 1More piston fit is slightly biased in favor of the detail behind the bass, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

SoundMagic PL30+ with

SoundMagic is another famous manufacturer of audio accessories. The SoundMagic PL30+ C is well known for its perfectly balanced audio output. You don't have to worry about playing with the EQ settings to get the best out of the PL30+ C. However, if you're into a particular acoustic, you can always tweak it however you like.

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In terms of looks and build quality, the SoundMagic PL30+ C is right up there with the best in this price range. They come in a beautiful package which consists of a hard case, 5 sets of earbuds and a pair of hooks.

To Sennheiser CX 275

Sennheiser is a renowned brand when it comes to premium audio accessories. However, with budget consumers in mind, Sennheiser has launched the CX 275S Headphones. These headphones deliver decent sound that leans a little more towards the high frequencies.

The Sennheiser CX 275 S fits well in the ears and has premium build quality.

Sony MDR-EX255AP

Sony is another well-known name when it comes to audio products. The MDR-EX255AP in-ear headphones try to strike a good balance between bass, treble and other acoustics. You'll also be able to improve the overall quality to suit your need for fiddling with EQ settings.

The semi-braided wires along with the metal casing give the headphones a premium look. With real silicon, the Sony MDR-EX255AP headphones fit quite well in the ears.

Sony MDR-XB450

If you're a bass lover, the Sony MDR-XB450 headphones might be the perfect option for you under Rs 2000. Powered by huge 30mm drivers, the Sony MDR-XB450 can produce bass levels that are unmatched in this price range.

While the MDR-XB450s focus primarily on bass, they provide great output in the mids and highs too.

The MDR-XB450 has soft ear pads and a metal casing adds to the looks, but the build quality can't be there if you're thinking long term. Still, many have an in-ear option, especially if you're a basshead.

Xiaomi recently expanded its portfolio of audio accessories in India with the launch of Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones. Sporting a cool black and red color profile and a comfortable design, these headphones are easy on the eyes.

On the ears, too, they are comfortable. The cups are well cushioned and the seal is nice in the ears. Bass is good too, especially at low levels. Xiaomi doesn't say that the headphones should last up to 20 hours of playback, but also the bundled 3,5mm cable you run out of juice.

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Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

Xiaomi has become synonymous with value for money products for a long time now, and it's no different with the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD. In terms of build quality and design, these headphones are right up there with the best.

Like many other products from Xiaomi, the Mi Earphones Pro in HD quality offer a great bang for your buck without sacrificing quality. These headphones provide top-notch sound at affordable prices, making them one of the top choices in this guide. However, it's worth noting that you can't quickly experience the best output, as these headphones require a branched burn out period.

SoundMagic E30 in-ear headphones

The SoundMagic E30 was launched back in 2013, but is still quite relevant to today's standards. The headphones produce balanced sound with inimitable clarity. The best part is that you can enjoy pure music that is not distorted by excessive bass. The E30 focuses more on the rear end while maintaining composed, but tight, bass.

When it comes to building quality, the SoundMagic e30 is unimpressive. Headphones are made of cheap plastic with custom finishes. Headphones are designed to be worn behind the ears with its cables running around the earlobe. When properly connected, the E30 provides exceptional noise cancellation and is quite comfortable too.

Audio-Technica in the city ATH-AX1iS

Audio Technica is another well-known name when it comes to audio products. The ATH-AX1iS headphones offer a well-balanced audio output, but it's conservative when it comes to bass.

While the ATH-AX1iS headphones are durable, the build quality leaves something to be desired. They also fit very well on the ears with soft ear cushions. You also get a built-in microphone along with volume controls, making it easy to control your music on the go.

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Let's end the list with a couple for those whose phones don't sport a 3,5mm headphone jack. The Type C-with OnePlus bullet went along with the 6T when the company ditched the headphones.

Over time this has become the de facto pair for those who don't want to opt for wireless solutions, in favor of more detail and quality. Cable tangles and a built-in DAC are a great addition.

Some older phones will require turning on the OTG function in order to use them.

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