At least one Motorola RAZR user suffers from peeling

Update: We've received an official statement from Motorola regarding the screen peeling issue discussed in this story - you can find out what the handset manufacturer has to say in the updated story below.

Following questions raised yesterday around the durability of the Samsung Galaxy Z-flip screen, the emerging foldable phone category has taken another hit, with one user reporting a disastrous peeling screen issue on the new Motorola RAZR.

Next after only a week of use, Input by Raymond Wong noticed that the laminate swept for the RAZR display had separated from the screen along the folding phone's fold, leaving behind a bubble across the entire width of the device. [across facets]

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Motorola Razr screen peeling

According to Wong, the peeling of the screen occurred at some point during the 45-minute train ride, while the Motorola RAZR began to be kept in one's pocket.

“I have no idea how it happened, but I can promise you it's not from a blow; the phone was locked in my front jeans pocket all the way and there is no visible damage on any device,” Wong said.

To make matters worse, Wong said the damage wasn't purely cosmetic - the section of the touch screen in the warped area was expected to be affected by damage, making "touches and taps virtually unresponsive, especially when threading things in a list, like inside an app's settings"

What could be the cause of screen peeling, Wong is uncertain, although he postulates the theory that temperature changes may have "caused some kind of reaction that may have loosened the adhesive."

Motorola's official statement

In response to this story, Motorola has reached out to us with an official statement on the matter:

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«We have full confidence in the resolution of the display and do not expect consumers to experience display peeling as a result of normal use. As part of the development process, the RAZR underwent extreme temperature testing. As with all mobile phones, Motorola does not recommend storing (for example, in a car) the phone at temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit [-20 degrees Celsius] or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit [60 degrees]. If consumers experience weather-related malfunction during normal use, and not as a result of abuse or misuse, this will be covered by our standard warranties.”

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