How Setting High Goals Can Lead You to Incredible Success

with the power of imagination, there is nothing you set out to do in your life that you cannot achieve. Setting high goals, uses your creativity and pushes you to do something big. Success starts in your mind, and if you are not limited in your thinking, you will always love big goals.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” — William Arthur Ward ((Brainy Quotes: William Arthur Ward Quotes))

Many people are afraid to set high goals for themselves. Perhaps because they don't want to be disappointed or they feel great things are not meant for them. In this article, I have highlighted how you can achieve extraordinary success in your life by setting lofty goals.

What are the lofty goals?

A high goal is a goal that is achieved by something big, high level, and often requires great or even overwhelming effort to achieve. Noble goals are helpful because they can help you raise your standards and change your status. The lofty goals at times may seem out of reach for the faint-hearted, but for the bold, they are the kind of goals that help people accelerate their success. When you set high goals, your creative juices begin to pump and your entire being is set in motion to generate ideas on how to achieve your goals. Achieving these goals will give you a sense of accomplishment and a better life than you ever imagined. Noble goals have their own peculiarity. For example, while it is a general rule in goal setting to only set goals that are realistic, lofty goals, it is not necessary to follow this rule. This is because noble goals are based mainly on your creative powers and your will to achieve them. Once you can capture these goals in your mind and have the courage to pursue them, you can achieve them. Here are some examples of noble goals:

  • Lose 180 pounds in 10 months
  • Achieve financial freedom at 40
  • Publications international bestseller
  • Climbing Mount Everest
  • Breakthrough Olympic record
  • Reunite with ex-spouse
  • Achieve family harmony
  • Conquer the disease
  • Travel all over the world before turning 55
  • Buy your dream home without debt
  • Feed two million homeless people before you die

I dare to dream big, with lofty goals

You can achieve unprecedented success in your life if you break out of your cocoon and start dreaming big. Make it a habit to set high goals will lead you to dream more and more. Never settle for mediocre achievements, you can always achieve something higher, bigger, and better! Dream on, the practice of considering your recent accomplishments as criteria for the next goal you aim to achieve. Move up from one level of success to another.

3 steps to dream

Get Motivated

Spending time around people who have big dreams—those who also succeed in their dreams. By being around such people, your mindset will change and you will see the possibilities in dreaming big dreams too.

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Make dreaming part of your list

Create a specific time and place to sleep. Take a pen and notepad. Release into the world of imagination and take a broad look at your life: where you are now, where you should be, and how far you can really go if there are no limits.

Avoid Negative People

It goes without saying that you should avoid people with negative attitudes. Your motivation can quickly disappear just by talking to a negative person. Once you've taken these three steps and written down your dreams (I hope they're big), start setting noble goals and actualizing them.

10 Important Factors for Achieving High Goals

For your noble goal to become actualized, you must really treat them as a goal and not just empty dreams. You must be willing to spend them with whatever you have received. Here are 10 factors that will give you a clear idea of ​​your noble goals and also ensure that you can achieve them:

1. Connect your targets into a larger target

In order to succeed, let your noble goals coincide with the more important purpose of your life. Your life should always be directed towards a common goal. When your goals connect with this great goal, your approach to achieving those goals will make more sense to you.

2. Make Goals Your Top Priority

If you really want to achieve your goals, they should be your top priority. Once you've prioritized them, you'll be able to give them the attention they need. Failure to prioritize can lead to focusing more on the "simple" things while you continue to procrastinate on activities related to your noble cause. What happens in the event of a conflict of interest, you can ask. There will always be conflicts of interest in life, but when you've made your goal a top priority, you'll be able to give it the attention it deserves.

3. Make plans for what will get you there

You must figure out what it takes to achieve your noble goal and then put together a plan to achieve them. Planning shows that you believe in your goals and that you are creating a path to achieve them. Even if you don't currently have the resources you need, you should plan the way you do. You will be surprised how doing this will allow you to gain new energy to pursue your goals. In addition, you may also start to see the required resources grow from unknown places.

"When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen." - Paulo Coelho ((Paulo Coelho: My 25 Important Points))

4. Make goals scalable and achievable

In planning, break down big goals into milestones. Instead of working towards a big goal, your mind will aim for one milestone at a time. This makes your goals feel much, much smaller, less overwhelming. Completing each milestone will give you the motivation to do more and you will see that you have achieved your big goal in no time.

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5. Keep It Under Your Hat

Be careful who you tell about your noble goals. If they do not trust accountability partners in achieving your goals, it is advisable not to tell anyone, especially if you are just starting out. Popular skepticism, pessimism, and discouragement can kill your dreams, even before it starts.

6. Recognize and confront fears

Accept the challenge of fear and come to terms with it. Fears, thoughts about the possibility of rejection or anxiety that I don’t know how everything will turn out. If you can, write down your fears one at a time and look for alternative facts for each one. More on Conquering Fear: How to Overcome Your Fear and Achieve Greatness

7. I think only in terms of success

Look for more reasons why you will succeed than why you might fail. While it's helpful to think through what might make your goals fail, it's much better to focus on how you want them to succeed. It requires that you only focus on reaching the goal and that you become "deaf and dumb" to other voices.

8. Prepare for opposition

People may tell you that your goals are not possible. Others may even try to block you from success. You must prepare for this ahead of time and be tactful with your goals in order to defeat the opposition. Many successful people have had to prove the skeptics wrong. You must be able to silence the opposition and show them what your goal is really worth.

9. Contingency plan

There will be inevitable obstacles to achieving your goals. They don't necessarily want to stop you, but they crop up anyway. In your plans, be sure to make room for accidents. Most importantly, resolve in advance never to give up on your noble cause, no matter what challenges you face.

10. Get help if needed

Learn to ask for help when you need it. Someone there may be willing to help or offer an important idea that can move you forward towards your goal. You may have seen a viral video depicting a scenario in which a huge tree fell across a main road as a result of severe traffic jams. A very small boy walked up to a fallen tree and tried to push it. First, people don't take him seriously. But when they saw that he was determined, they joined him in pushing the tree and the road became better for everyone. ((On YouTube: Leading India - Tree)) The lesson in this video is that one way or another, when you perform the necessary actions, you will always find someone to support your dream.

Final Thoughts

Noble goals are the most important, and everyone is determined to have a better life by fulfilling them. Don't be content with low and medium levels of achievement. Get in the habit of giving yourself back-breaking achievement every single time and you will see yourself stretching towards unparalleled success.

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