Fifth generation Volkswagen Caddy and revealed based on the MQB platform

New VW caddy front The all-new compact minivan features large interior dimensions and the latest connectivity and safety features, as well as the option of three diesel engines

The new, fifth generation Volkswagen Caddy has been revealed with more interior capability, a host of new technologies and three diesel engines to choose from.

The new Caddy will come in van, minivan and van form. Buyers welcome 93mm of extra length and 62mm of extra width over its predecessor, with extra width between the wheel arches, making for superior load and passenger capacity for its patient.

The Cuddy also gets VW's 'Numpad', which sees a completely redesigned instrument panel (with smaller buttons), connected to infotainment screens ranging from 6,5 to 10 inches, depending on the specialization chosen. The electronic handbrake will replace the traditional block as standard on all models.

“Always Connected,” Cadillac also has an all-new infotainment system such as We Connect allowing the compact van to have constant internet connectivity and other services.

With 19 driver assistance features, an emphasis on safety as well as technology, travel assistance (never seen on a Volkswagen Commercial vehicle) uses a mixture of lane keeping, adaptive cruise and others to keep the driver in check. The assist trailer will also make its first appearance (as seen on the Crafter Van) and make it easier to maneuver the trailer.

Three diesel engines (74bhp, 100bhp and 120bhp) will be available and up to 12 percent cleaner than previous options thanks to a double-acting metering system, in order to cut NOx emissions. A 114bhp turbo diesel engine will also be available.

An updated, cleaner look thanks to Volkswagen's claim to the MQB platform, LED headlights, comes standard on higher models.

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A new naming system has also been introduced with the base model simply referred to as 'caddy', and the average 'life' range coined 'style'. Prices and specifications of each have yet to be confirmed, but pre-sales are expected to begin this October, with shipping expected in early 2021.


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