HTC Vive Play Space", » Cosmos Elite and Cosmos XR headsets added to VR range, plus faceplates to upgrade

The HTC Vive is greatly expanding its range of Space in Virtual Reality, with three new incoming models and the ability to buy different faceplates to change the functionality of your device.

Coming to the entry level is the HTC Vive play space. It's specifically designed for new-to-VR users who want a premium PC-based headset, but without the cost of a more fully featured model.

It uses four cameras from inside to outside tracking and, like all Cosmos headsets, can be upgraded with faceplate capability at a later date if the user wants a more advanced experience.

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The Cosmos play will cost £499/$499 when it releases in the "coming months".

The HTC Vive Space Elite will be available a little earlier, with an £899/$899 pre-order opening of the headset on February 24th for March of Liberation.

It enhances the experience by bridging internal and external tracking using the company's core technology Beacon across the station to provide the accuracy required for tracking by SteamVR software. And it comes with built-in headphones.

The Elite is again a wired experience out of the box, but is also compatible with the Vive's wireless tracker adapter for headphone use.

Comes with a headset, a pre-installed external tracking faceplate, 2 SteamVR Stations and two Vive controllers. Old HTC Vive base station devices are also compatible.

Those with existing and HTC Vive Space or Space Play above will be able to buy the external tracking faceplate separately for $199/$199 from Q2.

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Finally, the HTC Vive will appear in the XR space, which will first be available in a developer's package in Q2. It adds an almost complete end-to-end field of view, in order to display virtual content in the real world. It also comes with built-in headphones.

As well as a standalone version, there will be an XR faceplate for all other space models.

More details, including pricing, are expected to be announced during the San Francisco Game Developers Conference in March.

Currently available for the HTC Vive Space will continue as part of a new series, priced at £699/$699.

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