Now you can unlock your barn with master fingerprint open biometric lock

You're used to unlocking your phone with your fingerprint (or face), but what about shed? Master Lock has launched a Bluetooth key for security and locks before, but has now turned its attention to biometrics.

After all, you're happy to unlock your device with your fingerprint, so why not lock it?

The open biometric lock can store up to 10 different fingerprints, so your whole family can use it. In that there are "primary" users plus eight others. It's powered by a standard button battery that should last about a year - you get notifications with low power (and you can use aiming the lock to get in if you need to, which is also used for initial setup).

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Naturally, this attack-resistant double-lock and zinc case is similar to the rest of the huge series of master lock padlocks. A durable cover is designed to protect the lock from bad weather.

If the battery dies without being unlocked, you can also 'push' the lock using a 9V battery. That the battery will work is a definite minus compared to a traditional lock, but it eliminates the need for keys, especially for a family.

Next, we want the biometric bike lock to appear from the Master Lock as well!

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