Two of the best VPN providers in the world are struggling with these ace VPN deals

We were expecting birthday cake, candles, and gifts rather than a VPN deal, but we'll assume it's not surprising that this is how NordVPN and IPVanish celebrate them.

Both of these market-leading VPNs and providers are enjoying their eighth year anniversary this month - and both have some pretty sweet discounts on occasion.

With IPVanish, for $47.88 or the equivalent of $3.99 per month, you'll get one year of your VPN service and a year of SugarSync cloud storage access for free. That's a full 250GB of space for all your photos, ringtones, and videos - add-ons that typically cost upwards of $100.

Now if you choose NordVPN instead, you'll pay $125.64 for three years worth of service! Not only does it only work for just $3.49 a month, you'll also get one of the following randomly selected freebies if you sign up: one month, one year, two years, or three years of extra NordVPN.

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These brilliant birthday VPN deals are in full:

VPN Battle: NordVPN vs. IPVanish in

Don't worry, it won't be Fury vs. Wilder vs. Fury-style showdown - we'll just give you the pros of these popular providers.

If we're talking streaming, we love the fact that NordVPN can unblock not only Netflix, but BBC's iPlayer too - meaning there's a whole new world of online content for you to enjoy. But if we're talking best value for money, IPVanish is second to none, you get 10 simultaneous connections on one device for under $4 a month!

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But when it comes to security, we really appreciated that NordVPN boasts a very strict zero-logging policy and an effective immobilizer. We know that in terms of security the NordVPN hack has caused panic, but the provider is taking significant steps to fix it, which is why we still rank it so highly and confident in offering their services.

However, we have to point out IPVanish's excellent download speed, so you don't have to worry about VPN slowing down your device and it has many powerful, customizable apps.

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NordVPN and IPVanish's specifications

IPVanish VPN


**Number of servers:** 1,300 | **server addresses:** 75 | **IP addresses:** 40,000+ | ** maximum devices supported:** 10


**Number of servers:** 5,600+ | **server addresses:** 60+ | **IP addresses:** N/ | **maximum devices supported:** 6

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