Another huge 31TB SSD has just been released, but it won't be cheap

So far, the choice of a group of companies offering the world's largest solid state drive includes only Samsung, Intel Corporation, LiqidElement and Data Nimbus (responsible for 100TB Exadrive).

However, now this exclusive group has added a new member. KIOXIA, formerly known as Toshiba's storage company, introduced CM6 - this is 30.72 TB SSD.

This is the second drive of its capacity to come with PCIe 4.0 technology, after the Samsung PM1733 released in August 2019. It targets the enterprise market and uses Kioxia's 96-layer TCX NAND chips.

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The drive comes in a 2,5-inch form factor but is 15mm thick. Sequential reads and writes are excellent (on paper) at 6,9Gb/s and 4,2Gb/s respectively, with random IOs reaching 1,4M on read and 0,17M on write.

Write stamina is worth per disk write per day or about 1 PB per month, which is due to competition. Security and encryption features include OPAL TCG and Ruby, with FIPS 140-2 certification on the way.

KIOXIA hasn't revealed a price for the 30.72TB model, but says it will be "excellent cost performance compared to a similar SATA drive." The OEM will determine the final quotation.

As a comparison, Samsung PM1643, and a 30.72TB SSD launched a couple of years ago, currently selling for less than $8,500 (roughly £6,500) in the US via ServerSupply. The drive has significantly lower read/write performance, so we expect the CM6 to retail for a lot more.

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