B&O Speakers Beoplay Z95 Wireless Noise Canceling Cans Pop up in FCC Files

Bang and Olufsen appear to be working on over-the-ear true wireless headphones, as evidenced Federal Communications Commission filings.

The latest filing for yet-to-be-announced is a model called the Beoplay Z95 speaker that suggests the headphones could follow or could be on par with the line of Beoplay H9 speakers for the ears, which offer noise-cancelling capabilities. The patterns on the sawdust hint at them, perhaps the oval design too.

There is, however, little else to learn from these applications. They do not reveal specifications or features. Information about the color range they may be available in, or even when they may be released, is certainly missing from the documents. But FCC filings typically precede official product announcements by a matter of weeks, sometimes months, so it's safe to assume the headphones could debut soon.

Pocket Lint reviewed the Beoplay H9 speakers last fall and found them to represent the best in Bluetooth for in-ear headphones. As we've said in the previous two iterations of the H9 - though, it's all too easy to criticize Bang and Olufsen by the ears for their cost - their epic sound quality, comfort, fine build quality, and notable battery capacity are worth those price tags.

The third generation H9s launched in May 2019 for $500, so maybe the Z95 will launch this spring for the same price.

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