Herman Miller made ergonomic gaming chairs with Logitech g

High-end furniture company Herman Miller is teaming up with Logitech's gaming brand, the Logitech G Series, to create a new line of ergonomic furniture for gamers. They only. I'm announcing the plan, but they're aiming to kick things off to the fullest with a new gaming chair that's due to arrive this spring.

"Like traditional sports, esports athletes and professional streamers need the right gear to perform at their best over an extended period of time," the two companies announced. “In addition to long-term health issues, esports athletes may also experience loss of focus and a decrease in overall performance due to discomfort. The solutions on the market today do not solve these problems.”

Both companies have proposed current gaming chairs with an emphasis on aesthetics rather than "scientifically proven ergonomic design". They even said that these products could "do more harm than good." To help avoid these mistakes themselves, Herman Miller and Logitech's G Series is going to esports teams like Game Difficulty, TCM, Navi and others, with the goal of incorporating them into products.

Herman Miller is best known for his chair, although she has a number of other top chairs beloved by gamers. “We're excited to combine our ergonomic, research-driven approach with Logitech's G Series distinction in technology and innovation,” said Tim Strucker, CMD Herman Miller. "We develop quality solutions that provide gamers and esports athletes with the ultimate in support and comfort."

No other details have been announced at this time. But it's safe to assume that this duo will be high-end and expensive to boot.

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