EA Sports tries to improve responsiveness in FIFA 20

EA Sports has announced that it plans to introduce an in-game overlay button for some FIFA 20 players as part of its effort to improve game responsiveness.

FIFA 20 has received criticism from its community for its lag in online matches, players feeling that there is a noticeable delay between the moment they press a button and when their desired action occurs on the screen.

In a final tone, notes of an article published on EA's website, the developer called it a "live research methodology," according to which, the following internal tests are tests of potential changes with a small number of real players in order to get feedback and real data.

Direct Research

The upcoming in-game button overlay is part of this and is intended to measure the real impact of “small server side changes related to button responsiveness”.

According to the expert, in the coming weeks some players will see an overlay (pictured below) in the upper right corner of their game, although he notes that the image depicts an in-progress view that is subject to change.

The expert explains that this button will allow players to see their content in real time, as well as “impact data center links on those content.” We hope this will help EA analyze matches more effectively, as he says it does “ you can make clips of the players sharing their experiences and raw materials”.

EA plans to share its findings from the study at some point in the future, although it notes that "as with any real-world study," it may take time to get "concrete results." This means we don't know exactly when we'll know what the developer's next steps will be, but given the short lifecycle of football titles and the fact that based on a previous version of the model, late 2020 is highly likely to herald the release of FIFA 21 we assume players are hoping for an improvement sooner rather than later.

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The expert emphasizes in the article that this is only one part of his efforts to address connectivity and responsiveness issues in the game and that progress can roll out more changes using these case studies.

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