Watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona from $10 today thanks to El Clasico TV suspension offer

The main match on the Spanish football calendar today is the brilliantly named El Clasico! And this Real Madrid vs Barcelona clash looks more important than ever, with teams battling things at the top of the La Liga table. Luckily, watching it is very easy, thanks to the current TV suspension offer.

For $10, you can choose between the World Sports TV sling or the best Spanish packages. How to enable a subscription to the sports channel beIN Sport, which is hosting a huge game this weekend.

And because with a sling you'll only have to pay for one month at a time, you shouldn't feel like you're forced to commit to a lengthy contract. When the dust has settled on El Clasico and you decide there isn't enough content to justify any additional payments, you can simply cancel at any time.

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Your Real Madrid vs Barcelona features in full:

What else does TV sling have to offer?

If the only lure for you is that Real Madrid play against Barcelona, ​​then paying your $10 will be all you care about. But if you're thinking of cutting your cable or changing your home's streaming TV service, then Sling TV has more comprehensive packages to deal with.

Sling blue has the most affordable channels from popular radio stations like AMC, the NFL network, CNN or Fox, NBC and Comedy Central all inclusive. While Sling Orange has fewer channels but you may prefer your own lineup, for example ESPN and Disney will be available. For all options, head straight to the Sling TV website or check out our guide to the best Sling TV packages and prices.

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How to cost $30 per month (after the first month costing $20), or you can pay $45 per month for both. After that, then you can bolt additional channels as packages bein described above.

When is El Clasico?

If that piques your interest and you're now desperate to watch a huge La Liga clash, then 3pm ET/PT on Sunday noon is the time you need to tune in for the kick (or about 30 minutes in advance for all the buildup and hype) .

As well as Sling TV, Bein can be added to a cable TV package or accessed through a FuboTV subscription.


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