Challenge mobile phone duty season 4: disavowed now live with a new battle path

Activision announced that Call of Duty mobile phone season 4, officially called Disavowed, is now available on the App Store and Play Store.

Call of Duty Mobile is a popular battle royale title with over 180 million downloads as of the end of last year. The new season includes free combat exactly like the other seasons before, but it adds St. Patrick's Day themed elements, as well as a blackberry camo option for the combat knife and ASM10, and a new cage map that puts more emphasis on close combat.

The new cell map will support team combat, snipers only, pistol play, and free-for-all. Finally, Activision said the fight will feature a new Hive Operator skill, which gives players control of the launcher to deploy the mine.

If the fight is not enough, or if you want more "additional tiered content", you can purchase a Premium Pass to "get even more rewards as you progress" Activision and everything on their website. For example, the premium pass unlocks the modern combat soap operator, the new female operator, the urban tracker, the rainbow camo knife, and the deadly Rus-79U Viking.

Call Mobile Duty Season 4: Disavowed is now available for iPhone and Android. But what is call of duty mobile? Is this a one console CR/PC conversion? Or is it a standalone game only for phones? You can find everything you need to know in our guide here.

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