Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Hits Demo Remake Like Game Finally Goes Gold

If you've been yearning after the Final Fantasy 7 remake, you're not the only one. First announced back at E3 2015, this recreation of one of Enix's most beloved titles has been at the forefront of many gamers' minds for years to come.

And now, the game is actually over.

Speaking to a Japanese gaming site 4GamerGame director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that the remake has ended production, and is currently working on final improvements and fixes ahead of the game's scheduled April 2020 release.

“We have had some time to improve the quality of the final product,” he said, “but we have already mastered it, so there is no delay yet,”

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The news will likely be compelling to many, given the slow development behind the game: despite gameplay footage that was shown in 2015, there were years of relative silence between this and a later flurry of announcements in 2019.

The original March 3rd release date was pushed back to April 10th, and the history of the game meant that not all of us were confident that there would be no further delays.

We wash our hands

For those, who already was hoping to play the game in March, you can still. A three hour demo has landed on PS4 to give you a taste of current-gen gameplay until the end of the game is available in mid-April.

We had some mixed feelings about how Final Fantasy 7 is a "classic" gameplay aid by today's standards, but by the looks of it, it's going to be one of 2020's most notable PS4 games - and most likely PC and Xbox One games in 2021. when Sony timed exclusivity window failures.

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