New Half-Life: Alyx gameplay videos showcase three types of VR movement

Ahead of the March 23 release of their long-awaited VR game Half-Life: Alyx, developer Valve Corporation has behind it a series of new videos that showcase the different styles of VR movement that will be available to players. The various styles are designed to help ensure that every player can find an option that is comfortable and does not cause motion sickness.

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In the first of three videos, Valve showcases the locomotion teleportation style of play - a 'point A to point B' method, which allows the player to specify where they want to stand and instantly teleport to that very spot. You can check out this kind of movement in the video below.

The following video focuses on the continuous movement gear style, which is sure to be very popular for long half-life fans in that it offers traditional free movement of frames through an analog stick.

In the third and final half-life: Alyx gameplay trailer, Valve suggests looking at the game by changing movement, a method that is very similar to the teleportation style - players will still select a marker on the ground for their character to jump to as soon as you get close to in less-instant fashion.

Along with showcasing the game's different VR moves, styles, the videos also provide us with 10 minutes of gameplay footage as a whole, giving us an extensive look at the types of weapons, enemies, puzzles and environments we can expect from the game when it arrives later this month.

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