6 amazing vision board ideas to help you achieve your goals

it can take quite a bit of critical thinking and reflection to capture big dreams, visions and set ambitious goals for your life. Achieving these goals, however, will require more than just hard work and determination. You need all your mind to cooperate with you to achieve your goals. That's why vision boards are necessary - with the help of images you can communicate with your subconscious to prepare for action. In this article, you will find some vision board ideas that can help you visualize your dreams and goals in different areas of your life.

What exactly is it?

Whiteboard visualization is the image of the future. A realistic idea of ​​where you are going. ((Jack Canfield: how to create a vision board)) A vision board is a visual representation of the dreams and goals that you are striving to achieve. This is a collage of pictures and texts designed to stimulate your imagination and help you visualize your goals. One of the main reasons why vision board is important is that it gives you a daily reminder of your goals and dreams. In addition, by putting pictures of your ideal future' up to you every day, you will find the right emotions, motivation and energy to pursue your dreams. Another reason why creating a vision board is good for you is that it is makes you think clearly what you want for your future. This keeps you focused as you make choices about what your goals will be. Vision boards help you get your mind ready to take action whenever an opportunity presents itself to achieve your goals. Because you are constantly feeding your mind with visual information about something, your mind will notify you when it comes into contact with any relevant opportunity. It will also encourage you to take action. This way you can train your mind to spot opportunities from the board view.

5 Steps to Building a Vision Board

In order to create a vision board that resonates with your personal dreams and visions and guides you towards achieving them, you can take the following steps:

1. Reflect and write down your dreams and goals

What are the things that are most important to you? What are your big life goals? What would you like to achieve in the next year, three years or five years? What are the things you want to achieve in your life? Think about these things and write them down.

2. Collect relevant images to your goals

After writing down your goals, it's time to visualize them. Start collecting relevant images of people, places, objects, texts, quotes, and even your own photographs that represent images from your mind. You can cut out some sections of the magazine or find pictures on the Internet. Type in a search query on platforms like Pinterest, it will return lots of images that are relevant to your search.

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3. Make a collage from your collection

Collect what you have and then make a collage of them. Arrange them in such a way that each of the elements can be easily seen. You can place them on paper plane, cardboard, poster, blackboard, etc.

4. Personalize Your Vision Board

Add your own words to your vision board, you can use markers, paint, stickers, quote cards, or a computer, etc. to add words to images that will inspire you.

5. Display Your Vision on the Board

Display your vision board where you can see it every day. Place it in your bedroom, office space or any other place that catches your eye.

Vision Advice ideas to achieve your goals

To be truly successful in life, key areas of your life must be brought into consideration. Therefore, when making your vision board, create different columns for different aspects of life:

  • Physical health
  • Family life and relationships
  • Work and career prosperity
  • Wealth and satisfaction money
  • spiritual wellness
  • mental strength

If you have the space, you can also have separate vision boards for each of these key areas so that your vision board doesn't become burdensome. Below are some tips for creating a vision board for each of the areas I have mentioned. Sample images sourced from Pinterest are also provided for illustration purposes.

Physical Health

You need to keep fit, happy and healthy and exude optimal physical energy to face everyday challenges. This is something you can put on your vision board to remind yourself every day. For example, if you're looking to trim, you can find an image of your ideal size and shape; it could be someone you admire; model, athlete, weight loss success story or any other figure that shows what you desire. If there are certain foods that you think you want to include in your diet to stay healthy, take a look at these images. You can also find some healthy lifestyle quotes and make a collage from your collection and put them on the vision board.

Family And Fulfillment Relationships

You must be deliberate about enjoying peace, harmony and happiness in your family and relationships. So feed your mind with daily inspirational images to shape your thoughts, behaviors and approaches to family life. Start writing what you want for your family and relationships. It could be to live in your dream home, or you and your partner are escaping to some islands for a vacation. They can also be in the form of words, affirming your love for your spouse and your commitment to your married life and raising your children in a certain way. Look for pictures, quotes or write down your thoughts on cards and make a collage with them.

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Work and Prosperity Career

Whether it's about getting a job you want, a career advancement, or just a raise in your salary, you can find images like the ones below and place them on your vision board to inspire yourself to take action. You can also search for images you want to work with, or an individual who currently has a similar portfolio as you wish to have and put them on your vision board.

Wealth And Satisfaction Money

A visualization board can help you to manifest wealth and money satisfaction. This can be achieved using images and words that can inspire you to make more money, save more and invest more. The goal will be to have enough money to take care of everything you will ever need and still have extras. As you look at these pictures every day, you will find inspiration and ideas to make it work.

Spiritual Wellness

To keep your spirit and soul sound, you need to fill your mind with daily inspiration that will keep you happy and fulfilled. Gather images that speak to the kind of spiritual experience that you desire, make them into a collage and post them or your vision board like the ones below.

Soul Forces

Achieving your goals requires a high level of mental alertness, motivation, and resilience. You must keep your mind in such a state that it can withstand the pressures that come from work, family, and society. Collect images of items of personal self-affirmation, stimulation, and motivation to keep your head above water.

Digital vision boards

Making collages on different areas of your life may require space and time that you might not. However, with the Digital Vision Board, you can create as many as you like and open them on the go on your computer and mobile devices. To create a digital vision board, you can use online tools like Pinterest, Canvas, or tools available on your computer like paint to make a collage. To cut and save pictures online, use scissors (or grab if you're using a Mac). Once you have made your vision board, then you can set it as your desktop screen saver and place it on your slideshow to display when your computer is idle.

Bottom Line

You get the most out of vision boards when you decide to put in the effort required to reach your goals. Research confirms that people who fulfill their own requirements to achieve their goals are more likely to succeed than people who visualize themselves receiving goals. science says its vision of the board will actually reduce the chances of success…)) so, include more actionable images and words on your vision of the board!

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