Best Samsung Galaxy S20: Protect your new S20, S20+ or ​​S20 Ultra

Samsung's latest flagship phone in the Galaxy S20 is a bit of a stunner, yet another in a long line of impressive phones from the South Korean company.

Whether it's that edge-to-edge display and stunning screen, the amount of power under the hood is downright baffling or the camera's phenomenal performance, if you're going to pick up a Samsung new device, or if you already have one, you'll probably want to keep it in. safety from damage.

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Luckily, there is already a good range of cases on the smartphone market, which means you can choose from stylish and durable options.

We've compiled a list of some of the best S20 cases for you right here and we'll update it with more new ones as they come.

Our guide to the best Samsung S20 cases to buy today

Samsung Smart LED View Cover


Just as with what it did for previous versions of its Galaxy smartphones, Samsung has made this lovely LED-laden case for its new phone. The case cover section is provided with LED indication, which can give you more information about your notifications and alerts when you phone is not in hand.

Samsung Leather Case


If you prefer a very simple look, however, Samsung has also got you covered with its own snap-on leather case for the new phone. This will keep it safe from bumps and scratches, but at the same time thin and soft, it will ensure that you still feel the benefits of such a wonderful new phone.

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Case Samsung square


One of our favorites from Samsung's own range of cases is the Square - it's a compact clamshell that has a really good sense of texture to it, but doesn't add much bulk to the phone at all. There are also several color options to choose from, allowing you to tailor it to your sense of beautiful style.

By Tech21


We're big fans of Tech21's cases for other phones, and their range of cases for the Galaxy S20 is an exception to that rule. There are several options, but our choice is the evo test, which offers great protection but also has a great design aesthetic to it.

Drop protection is nice, but a fun bonus comes in the form of antimicrobial protection, which apparently reduces germs on the surface of the case by up to 99.99%. There's no downside to a bit of hygiene, after all.



The Snakehive cases all carry the same high-quality, genuine leather trim and are handcrafted to add to that classy impression. Their Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S20 let you take your phone in a stylish and unique way, but also offer practical features such as card slots and pockets.

If you want a case that showcases your sophisticated taste, they are a great choice. For the first time, too, you can pick up a new Teal-colored case for the S20.


  • We offer to look at mod.cooperation

The mod has become well known for both its cases, protect against hard drops and fall damage, and for incorporating new materials into them, including the signature walnut finish. We really like the aramid fiber finish though, which you can see above. It is suitable for all surroundings, whether it is an evening or a business meeting.

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Other finishes are available in bamboo and black leather.



Cases that spec always have a touch of class about them, and its new line for the Galaxy S20 lives up to this story. We especially liked the Presidio perfectly transparent with a handle that ensures that the class of the phone is see through while being protected.

Besides that grip, you won't be in too much danger of dropping your phone in the first place - win-win.

Urban Armor Gear


If you're serious about how to protect your phone, UAG is great when it comes to itself, just like real fall insurance. It has a range of cases available for new Samsung phones, but we especially like the Pathfinder series, which is very protective yet still relatively thin, right in the bullseye.

gear4 companies


There's something good about that, of course, but the iridescent sheen that Gear4 has given its Crystal Palace case is an added bonus. This is a sleek and minimal addition to your phone that will keep it safe from scratches. Plus it's drop resistant up to four meters, allowing you to make a couple of mistakes without ruining your new flagship smartphone.

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