Canon Manufacturing Company Discontinuing EOS 5 Dynasty and 5 Dynasty R, According to New Report

Launched back in February 2015, the Canon EOS 5 Dynasty and EOS 5 Dynasty R were designed to bridge the gap between professional camera makers and enthusiast ones.

However, it seems that their time may have passed, with canon rumors reported that the manufacturer is already ready to give up on the production of aging EOS 5 Dynasty line. Many Canon fans may have expected this, especially after the announcement of the EOS P5 flagship, which appears to be a mirrorless replacement for the full-frame, high-definition 5D line.

It's not just the R5 that can be found on the products of the 5th Dynasty line stopped the EOS 5D Mark IV proved to be the more popular camera for Canon enthusiasts, selling out the 5th Dynasty all over the world.

That said, Canon doesn't seem to be done with DSRLs but by releasing three new bodies recently: EOS over 90 days in 2019, and Eos 1D x Mark III and Eos 850D this year. At one time, a model called EOS 5D Mark V even appeared in the company's internal plan.

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Filling a niche

We have reached out to Canon for official comment on this report and TechRadar have assured that it is just a rumor at this stage. Canon is still keen to remind customers that both the 5th Dynasty and 5th Dynasty R will be available on the shelves for the foreseeable future and if you happen to be in Australia, the shooters have come with local five-year warranty.

The 5 Dynasty and 5 Dynasty R are virtually identical in every way, with the exception of an additional 50.6MP full-frame optical sensor in the latter, which allows the 5 Dynasty R to capture even more detail than its brother.

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At the time of launch, these were some of Canon's finest cameras, but now their age is showing. In 2015, Canon's DIGIC 6 image processor was the latest engine in the company's arsenal, but is now two generations older, although both cameras have dual-core processors under the hood for improved performance.

There's only 1080p video recording on board both models, and the burst rate is just 5 frames. These were perfectly acceptable a few years ago, but there are also cheaper cameras from different manufacturers, canon included, available today with better specs.

That said, Unless Canon decides it's time to stop producing the 5th Dynasty line, it's likely that existing stock prices will drop significantly and budding photographers will be able to score a lot.

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