How to make long distance relationships work for you

As you pick up the phone and start talking to your partner, your eyes become dreamy as you imagine being with them, but in between calls your mind wonders if your long distance relationship will work or not. This is a common situation for people in long distance relationships. As a rule of thumb, to begin with, how to make long distance relationships work for you. Today I would like to reveal the myriad secrets of long distance relationships that really work, so you can benefit from these powerful strategies that will brighten up your intimate life.

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

To be honest, the answer could be yes or no. There are three key ingredients in keeping a romantic relationship alive and thriving:

  1. Shared Vision
  2. emotional connection
  3. sexual intimacy

Clearly, in a long distance relationship, the third key ingredient is missing because you can't be intimate with your partner in the bedroom when you're in two different places. Keep in mind that connection с emotional connection, but without intimacy is really just friendship. Obviously you don't want your partner's friend-zone or you have it happen to you. In order to ensure the health of a long distance relationship, try to put the following strategies.

How to make long distance relationships work

When you're in a long distance relationship, you need to build a shared vision, be responsible for your feelings, and support each other emotionally... but don't always rely on your partner to pick you up when you're feeling overwhelmed. Remember that in order to maintain attractiveness and not be friend-zoned, you need to consistently respond to how you feel. Since you can only see each other from time to time, it's also important to deal with any intimate issue so that they don't interfere with your ability to connect with your partner when you're together. It will also boost your own self-esteem and the emotional and physical connection in your relationship. Trust is very important in a long distance relationship and the partner needs to know that their investment of time and energy will result in a happy and fulfilling life together. Use the following strategies to ensure the health and longevity of your long distance relationship:

1. Create a shared vision

The house of a very strong overall vision will not only increase your emotional body, but increase your attraction to your partner. Here are two examples that demonstrate this point. Example 1: Sarah and Joe are in a long distance relationship and building an internet business together. They have a common goal - growing their personal development business to become extremely successful, and for the benefit of as many people as possible. Their goal is to live in the same city for 1 year. Example 2: Alex and Samantha are a couple in a long distance relationship. Between them they have two children (a 13-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl). Both love their children very much and want their children to have a happy family life. Because they want to emulate a happy relationship for their children, Alex and Samantha moved to the same city in the near future. In these two examples, these two couples have a clear and direct vision in common. As a result, their relationship is long-distance as they strive to create a happy future. Whether you are in a long distance relationship or live in the same place, having a shared vision with a higher purpose is key to staying focused on what you want to create. This is especially important in times of disagreement. However, many couples do not have a strong shared vision and it is not clear what they want to create together. This lack of shared vision can make your long-distance relationship unsustainable.

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Make sure you are in alignment with your partner

It is important to make sure that you are aligned with each other's desires so that you can build a strong shared vision with your partner. This can happen if you have a business or charity that you build together, or if you develop yourself as an individual and as a couple so that you are a role model for what the ideal relationship looks like to your children. Even if you're not interested in starting a business, you might want to consider something realistic and practical, such as designing a special kind of lifestyle that you and your partner can share together for one or two years. Creating a common goal will allow you and your partner to look forward to creating a happy life together. Never underestimate the power of anticipation! The stronger your shared vision, the more likely you will be willing to stay together and work to create a happy future under a lot of stress.

2. Strengthen Your Emotional Connection

You must work on constantly strengthening your emotional connection with yourself as well as your partner. This requires being responsible for how you feel and not putting all your needs on your partner. Living alone can be difficult, but it's not good to dump all your problems and everyday worries and stress on your partner, as this may cause them to doubt your attractiveness as a life partner. The fastest way to get pregnant is back to the "friend-zone" by sharing every moment of every day. This is because it is boring and leaves nothing to your partner's imagination. While it may be tempting to call your partner every day, being in constant contact can actually make your partner less attracted to you and damage your long distance relationship. Developing yourself as a person through life outside of your relationship is essential for all couples in a long-term relationship. Sharing exciting discoveries through meaningful communication creates genuine connections and can lead to strong attraction.

An exciting way to improve communication

To strengthen your emotional and intimate connection, sexting is recommended to make your long distance relationship work for you. Short, sassy text messages can have a lot more impact than just a day and help create sexual tension to be enjoyed by both partners. This way, you can reply to each other's messages at a more leisurely pace... keeping in mind that the longer you wait before replying, the more attraction you will create in your partner. Timing is a powerful tool. Respecting your partner's needs outside of your own goes a long way towards increasing their attractiveness to you. Text your partner when the time is right, i.e. when your partner not having meetings with their boss, having lunch with their niece, or visiting their parents, etc. To increase physical as well as emotional attractiveness, it is important to demonstrate confidence and self-esteem. This includes both inside and outside the bedroom.

3. Discuss Sexual Intimacy

This is something that most people don't want to talk about. However, cultivating intimacy is essential to developing healthy and happy relationships. In a long distance relationship (especially in the early stages), it can be tempting to focus on the emotional connection and everything is going well and not address any potential threats in your relationship. In my practice, I have experienced several long-term relationship couples who refuse to discuss the topic of sexual intimacy with each other. Usually, warnings about sexual intimacy indicate a personal interest in this area, and in many cases the partner is worried about a problem affecting sexual function. These issues are very common (31% of men and 43% of women report difficulty in this area) and can greatly affect a person's self-esteem and self-esteem. This often leads to avoiding discussion of this very important topic. This is a dangerous choice that will bring anxiety and disappointment to the relationship as one of the partners begins to wonder why their partner is not interested in being sexually intimate with them. This, in fact, is a common reason for the breakdown of relationships into long-distance relationships. It is important to note that intimate problems are usually caused by focusing on the wrong action at the wrong time that you may be working on.((EndtheProblem: how to solve sex problems and emotional connection issues)) In Western culture, sexual intimacy is often seen as a taboo topic, and this leads to a lot of confusion, frustration, and frustration when not discussed by the couple. This is exacerbated in long distance relationships, where couples often focus on building an emotional bond. They may wait much longer than other couples before discussing intimate needs, meeting face to face, and being able to have sexual intercourse. If you don't want to discuss intimacy with your partner in a long distance relationship, you are basically sailing your ship without a rudder and this can lead to loss of interest as well as decreased libido and sex drive. Hence, it will serve both partners to learn some skills that can help you fulfill the intimate needs of a long distance relationship so that you can make your long distance relationship work for both of you.

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Ways to satisfy intimate needs in a relationship at a distance

While it's important to discuss your intimacy needs so you're on the same page, fulfilling those needs in a long distance relationship can be a little more challenging. As I mentioned earlier, you can already start with your partner. It doesn't require nudity. In my opinion, when you're still wearing something, you look even sexier because it gives your partner some room for fantasy, which is very important in terms of keeping the spark fresh in a long distance relationship. It is important to focus on how you want to feel. Imagination is a powerful tool at your disposal that you can use to increase your awareness of feeling intimately connected. You and your partner can set up an intimacy call where you describe in detail what you introduce yourself to them. The partner on the receiving end of “melody” is that the experience and images are as wonderful as it would feel to be. Focusing on how it feels increases your sense of awareness while focusing on the mechanics of the condition that the law keeps you in control. Your imagination can also sabotage your happiness, so be careful when you let your imagination take over. Another way to fulfill intimate needs ((end of the problem: 10 things to know about sex)) in a long distance relationship is your intimate desire into something creative, like writing a novel, going to the gym, or turning your career around. Realistically, when your intimate needs aren't being met right by your partner and you're not focused on what's the problem, then you're more likely to build something phenomenal for yourself. Just make sure you don't try to suppress your arousal as "try not to think about it" will just increase your awareness of it. This is because where your attention goes, energy flows.

Final Thoughts

Long distance relationships require conscious effort and attention to detail. Like any other relationship, you need to communicate your wishes and dreams for the future and take steps to achieve them.

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