Lamborghini closes Italian factories due to coronavirus

Lamborghini factory image Sant'Agata factory to remain closed until March 25th to help contain Covid-19

Lamborghini has temporarily closed its Sant'Agata headquarters in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Italian supercar manufacturer will close its doors from March 13 to March 25 as part of an effort to help contain the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

Northern Italy, where Lamborghini is based, is currently at the center of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe. Italy has the highest number of confirmed cases in the world outside of China, with over 12 people infected.

“This measure is an act of social responsibility and a high sensitivity towards our people,” said Lamborghini chairman Stefano Domenicali. “We continue to monitor the situation in order to respond quickly and with the right flexibility in cooperation with our people and in order to restart with energy at the right moment.”

Earlier this week, rival firm Ferrari confirmed its Maranello plant is operating as usual despite strict quarantine measures. Fiat also announced that its factories will continue to operate as long as it controls the situation.

Today's announcement is the latest move by the automotive industry to contain the spread of the virus. Last month the Geneva Motor Show was canceled and the upcoming Australian Grand Prix was rescheduled after McLaren team members tested positive for the virus.

Closing happens at rush hour for Lamborghini. It reported a record for sales in 2019 with 8205 vehicles leaving Sant'Agata - up 43% from the previous year.

The new Urus SUV accounted for more than half of those sales, with 4962 vehicles sold compared to 2139 Huracáns and 1104 Aventadors.


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