How to Use Your Subconscious Mind for True Success

every time your conscious mind goes to work, your subconscious mind is secretly helping. It is a part of our mind that continues to be more or less a mystery to us as we struggle to know what it is doing on a daily basis. In this case, everything is quite simple. As you read this, your subconscious mind takes in bits and pieces of information and processes and stores it. Where this information goes is not important, but the brain will use it whenever we try to remember information. However, while collecting, processing, and referring to information from our subconscious mind is very easy, learning to use our subconscious mind for other tasks is not so easy. If we want to use our subconscious mind to become more successful, we need to know more about it.

What is the subconscious?

First, let's talk about what our subconscious mind is. It was Sigmund Freud who created this theory as part of the levels of the mind. Freud suggested that we had three levels of intelligence. They go like this:((limitless psychology: introduction to consciousness))

  • Conscious: our daily thoughts and feelings.
  • Preconscious: information we use to remember; memories or information needed to perform specific tasks.
  • Subconscious: Information that shapes our overall behavior without us being aware of it.

Even when we are not consciously using these parts of our mind, they are constantly evolving. Our subconscious mind continues to process and collect information even as you read this. In fact, this is the processing of 500 times more information than our consciousness!

Why can't we use it all the time?

If our subconscious will be so powerful and will allow us to succeed, Why can't we use it all the time? Well, our subconscious mind is tricky along the way. It's not as easy as calling a friend or googling something. Our subconscious mind is best known for developing our dreams or those AHA moments. In other words, our subconscious is constantly working, but the thoughts that come with it are quite random. This is also a part of our mind that makes us react quickly, like jumping towards a moving car. Another way to look at your subconscious is to view it as your “back office.” This says two things: First, while our subconscious is powerful, it is not independent. We still need our conscious mind to work, and a significant portion of our thought power passes to it - 10% is actually. ((Human Hypnotist: Subconscious Mind)) that we can't use it all the time, but it can also give you the opportunity to use your subconscious mind to succeed.

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How to Use Your Subconscious to Succeed

As mentioned above, learning how to use your subconscious to achieve success is difficult. The subconscious mind itself is difficult to engage.((Butler University: Subsensory Perception)) Even telling ourselves that we use our subconscious is not enough, because it is a conscious decision. So all hope is lost? Not really. Remember that relationship I just mentioned? Well, we can still use our conscious mind to prime our subconscious mind. Priming is the act of using our conscious brain to focus on a particular task. It's like putting all the conscious information into your subconscious. This act signals to your brain that this is a problem or a situation you want to deal with. Your brain understands, and your subconscious will add this question to the queue. ((Forbes: 13 Ways To Start Training Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want)) What really matters is how we prime the subconscious. Here are some things you can do to start this process.

1. Plan to do nothing

Our subconscious is like Plushkin ideas and solutions (within reason). Often times, you won't find your subconscious mind presenting your ideas while you're at the center working on something else. This is because it accumulates ideas while our conscious mind is working away. With that in mind, if you are someone who is constantly doing something without giving your mind enough, the rest of those ideas are on the surface. This is an absolute must if you are in the creative field. Nobody can grow if we don't allow time for new ideas to come out. This may mean simply doing nothing.

2. Bring Capture Devices Everywhere You Go

A capture device is any device that will allow you to take notes: phone, laptop, digital voice recorder, etc. The idea behind this is that whenever you have an idea, you can write it down and capture it before. than you forget. This can be anything from projects you want to work on or a solution to a problem you're working on.

3. Do Some Physical Activity

Exercise is another way to get our brains to work harder. If we are always sedentary, then it will be hard for us to come up with fres, new ideas for anything. Instead, get up and move around and let your subconscious mind go to work. Remember, we can't always decide quickly to come up with solutions to our problems. What we can do is to sow the seeds so that our subconscious will start working on them. Also, make sure you have some paper or a phone nearby so you can write it down when the subconscious mind finally decides to let them surface.

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4. Drop Your Keys

This is a mental exercise, Salvador Dali and Thomas Edison. The idea is this: on your phone or paper and a pen nearby and relax in a chair. Continue to rest in the chair until you get to the place dozed off. At this stage, you enter the twilight phase. This is a powerful stage when our subconscious mind is most powerful. As you get to the point of falling asleep, your hand will fall off and the keys will fall to the floor, waking you up. After waking up, you probably remember where your mind went during this twilight stage. Write down everything you remember - this is your subconscious mind talking to you.

5. Visualize Success

It doesn't matter how big or small you want your success to be, if you want to learn how to use your subconscious mind to achieve success, visualize your success. In order for our subconscious to work, we must put something in front of it. With physical activity, we allow our minds to wander and our subconscious mind begins to come up with solutions. Yet if we have goals in our mind, our subconscious mind will begin to provide incentives for us. If we want more effective incentives, this will help visualize our goals and make them accurate. In terms of stimuli, these are the ideas our subconscious creates and that our conscious mind is taken up and put into action. Without a vision of what you want to do, it can be difficult to come up with solutions to make you more successful.

6. More in touch with your mind

One way to do this is through meditation. For starters, all you have to do is get into a comfortable position and start to clear your mind. In terms of position, there is no right or wrong posture during meditation. The idea is to find solace and allow yourself to let your mind go.

7. Take care of your body

From healthy eating to moving around, it is important that you take care of your vital organs. Drinking enough water every day, eating the right food, and working out enough every day are essential. You want to make sure that what you are doing is helping your body and mind.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to use your subconscious mind is something that will take time as you build habits and apply them to your life. There are all kinds of obstacles and creating this path is not easy. However, through this activity and understanding the interrelationships between different levels of the mind, it is best to tap into it and find success in due time.

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