Basic copywriting rules

Copywriting is writing text content to promote a product or service. Properly formulated and structured material can not only attract the attention of the audience to a service, product, concept or person, but also stimulate sales growth.

Subdivided copywriting into two categories - writing notes, news, posts, slogans and SEO copywriting. Optimized texts are the basis for the successful promotion of online stores and web resources in search engines.

Copywriting, like any other activity, has its own rules: adhering to them, you can create high-quality material:

  1. Texts are for people. Even if this is an SEO-optimized article adapted to search engine algorithms, you should not forget that the text should be interesting to the audience, useful and readable.
  2. No errors. And it's not just about grammar. Content should not contain punctuation or stylistic errors.
  3. brevity. People are lazy, and therefore they are unlikely to read a text canvas. This is especially true for notes, news, posts and slogans. Two sentences are better, but to the point, than a text about nothing. If this is an article, then paragraphs should be highlighted.
  4. Call to action. Refers to sales texts. At the end of the material, there should always be a CTA - buy / order / call / sign up, etc.

No less important elements of a good text are a bright and catchy headline, a logical structure, a breakdown into blocks and a competent distribution of key queries in the text, if they are needed.

Who to contact for copywriting services?

Copywriting is one of the most sought-after niches in the remote profession today. When choosing a contractor, clients primarily focus on the experience of a copywriter. At the same time, the cost of the work also plays an important role. Experienced copywriters set high prices for their services, while beginners charge the minimum wage for their work. But whatever the price, the following are important in copywriting:

  • quality of text content;
  • careful and exact observance of the terms of reference/brief;
  • compliance with the deadline;
  • literacy;
  • study of topics, competitors and target audience when writing a text.
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