Cree 2020 has been cancelled, but Cree summer set to take their place this August

Cree 2020 was canceled last month due to the spread of the coronavirus - a situation that has not yet subsided, so the February 28 announcement. But despite the bleak outlook for mass gatherings, organizer Information Technology has announced that a smaller version of the convention, dubbed the Summer Cree, will take place August 4-6.

Had it gone ahead, Cree 2020 would be wrapped up today after a full week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Cree Summer will be held at the same location, but will run on a reduced three days, and is marketed as a "unique gaming developer conference experience" that will not replace Cree 2021.

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More intimate matter

While the event will continue to host development-oriented talks and presentations, this seems to be a more relaxed affair: "microtalks and fireside talks" will be presented, as will a range of business-oriented talks. The price range is $99 to $599, depending on when tickets are purchased and whether access to the conference or exhibition is provided. It is unclear at this stage which companies will be involved.

"Summer Cree will provide an opportunity for game development communities to come together in a way that is not currently possible due to COVID-19," it says. "Safety remains a top priority for Cree organizers and the Cree team will continue to follow up with updates from health officials to ensure a safe and compelling case for everyone in Cree summer, Cree 2021 and beyond."

Seems remarkably optimistic that public events will be safer in August than they are now. In any case, a large number of negotiations will take place at the GDC 2020 were in live broadcast during this week.

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